The 2019 Wealth Magnets

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For the 13th annual ranking of CPA firms by assets under management, Accounting Today received submissions from over 200 firms. Such a large number of firms means, among other things, wide diversity in practice structure and in the information submitted.

  • In most cases, firm names are those of the financial planning subsidiary, not the affiliated CPA firm.
  • Firms have reported either their overall chief executive, or the leader of the planning practice. For simplicity's sake, we have listed both under "chief executive," though many bear different titles. In cases where a leader was not identified, we identified the leader of the planning practice from public sources (usually the firm's website).
  • Many firms gave a date for the AUM figure they submitted; these varied widely, from the date of submission to a recent quarter-end, but in no case was it earlier than year-end 2018.
  • In cases where a planning firm is a subsidiary or affiliate of a larger CPA firm, reporting practice varies: Some report staff and office figures for just the subsidiary, some just for the overall CPA firm, and some for both. In cases where we had a choice, we published figures from just the planning subsidiary. In addition, while most of the chief executives listed lead the planning practice, in some cases firms reported the managing partner of the larger CPA firm.

Ones to Watch

In addition to this year's Wealth Magnets (click the "View Table" link below), the 2019 survey turned up a number of firms that are right on the edge of joining the list of top firms by AUM, the 2019 Ones to Watch:

  • Klane Wealth Management (Minneapolis)
  • S.C. Thomas & Associates (Medina, Ohio)
  • Mark L. Westerman CPA (Victoria, Texas)
  • Poinciana Advisors Group (Palm Beach, Fla.)
  • Riverstone Asset Management (Louisville, Ky.)
  • Steele Financial Services (Bellingham, Wash.)
  • BST Wealth Management (Albany, N.Y.)
  • Strategic Investment Advisors (Cape Girardeau, Mo.)
  • Peak Investment Solutions (Roseville, Calif.)
  • Edelstein Wealth Management (Boston)
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The 2019 Wealth Magnets
The Billion Dollar Club
AUM Firm name Location Staff Chief executive
$14,337,303,133 Plante Moran Financial Advisors Southfield, Mich. 142 John Lesser
$7,377,051,916 myCIO Wealth Partners Philadelphia 46 David Lees
$6,074,696,862 CLA Wealth Advisors NA 131 Bruce Bushman
$5,694,022,608 RSM US Wealth Management Minneapolis 121 David Scudder
$5,482,821,236 Savant Capital Management Rockford, Ill. 167 Brent Brodeski
$4,137,417,185 Joel Isaacson & Co. New York City 44 Joel Isaacson
$3,903,138,332 Sequoia Financial Group Akron, Ohio 85 Thomas Haught
$3,810,052,130 Forum Financial Management* Lombard, Ill. 96 N. Batavia / J. Rogers
$3,560,000,591 HBKS Wealth Advisors Erie, Pa. 85 Christopher Allegretti
$3,427,227,047 SignatureFD Atlanta 84 Jeff Peller
$3,375,355,443 Wipfli Financial Advisors Milwaukee 78 Jeff Pierce
$3,160,640,372 Honkamp Krueger Financial Services Inc. Dubuque, Iowa 96 John Darrah
$3,002,500,000 Level Four Advisory Services Plano, Texas 38 Edmon Tomes
$2,994,870,632 BKD Wealth Advisors Springfield, Mo. 65 Jack Thurman
$2,650,000,000 Provenance Wealth Advisors Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 44 Eric Zeitlin
$2,602,321,471 SVA Wealth Management* Madison, Wis. 63 Maureen Hansen
$2,505,924,099 Warren Averett Asset Management* Birmingham, Ala. 49 Joshua Reidinger
$2,411,613,175 Moss Adams Wealth Advisors* Seattle 55
$2,400,000,000 Citrin Cooperman New York City 15 Joel Cooperman
$2,400,000,000 Frontier Wealth Management Kansas City, Mo. 45 Nick Blasi
$2,017,070,353 Rehmann Troy, Mich. 947 Randall Rupp
$1,700,000,000 DHG Wealth Advisors† Asheville, N.C. 36 William Sneed
$1,685,824,412 Wealth Management Norfolk, Neb. 56 Jared Faltys
$1,652,849,088 Aldrich Wealth Lake Oswego, Ore. 25 K. Scott Barchus
$1,608,470,000 Schneider Downs Wealth Management Pittsburgh 20 Nancy Skeans
$1,300,000,000 CCR Wealth Management Westborough, Mass. 20 David Borden
$1,283,069,118 BerganKDV Wealth Management Bloomington, Minn. 23 Matt Cosgriff
$1,277,257,308 GHP Investment Advisors Inc.* Denver 18 Brian Friedman
$1,250,000,000 RubinBrown Advisors Clayton, Mo. 15 Thomas Tesar
$1,220,000,000 LBMC Investment Advisors Brentwood, Tenn. 8 Greg Herman
$1,072,317,577 Beaird Harris Dallas 13 Pat Beaird
$1,049,834,576 SAX Wealth Advisors Clifton, N.J. 15 Kyle Stawicki
$1,006,999,993 Valley National Financial Advisors Bethlehem, Pa. 38 Matthew Petrozelli
$1,004,550,000 BT Wealth Management Atlanta 17 Scott Craig
$1,003,706,704 RKL Wealth Management Lancaster, Pa. 26 Laurie Peer
The $500 Million-Plus Club
AUM Firm name Location Staff Chief executive
$966,000,000 Thomas Doll Walnut Creek, Calif. Jared Nelson/Barry Oliver
$890,000,000 Jackson Thornton Asset Management Montgomery, Ala. Tommy West
$877,864,395 Frank, Rimerman Advisors* Palo Alto, Calif. 3 Patrick Sullivan
$856,184,278 Lutz Financial* Omaha, Neb. 11 Jim Boulay
$840,000,000 BDO Wealth Advisors Jacksonville, Fla. 20 David Albaneze
$812,000,000 Corrigan Financial Inc. Middletown, R.I. 27 Daniel Corrigan
$809,338,290 SPC Financial Inc. Rockville, Md. 28 Edward Geoffrey Sella
$750,000,000 Allegiant Private Advisors Sarasota, Fla. 12 Benjamin Jones
$750,000,000 EisnerAmper Wealth Mgt. & Corp. Benefits Iselin, N.J. 14 Marc Scudillo
$731,423,611 Marcum Financial Services Melville, N.Y. 12 Steven Brett
$704,559,017 CRA Financial Northfield, N.J. 11 Tom and Matt Reynolds
$704,400,000 Aurum Wealth Management Mayfield Village, Ohio 16 Eric Wulff
$700,000,000 Boulay Financial Advisors Eden Prairie, Minn. 18 Jay Brown
$700,000,000 Meritrust Wealth Management Louisville, Ky. 11 John Kallis
$698,000,000 Traphagen Investment Advisors Oradell, N.J. 12 V. Peter Traphagen
$680,704,393 Eide Bailly Advisors* Fargo, N.D. 17 Brad Kelley
$662,121,697 REDW Wealth* Albuquerque, N.M. 14
$630,844,484 PYA Waltman Capital* Knoxville, Tenn. 9 J. William Waltman
$624,615,188 Howard Financial Services* Dallas 16 John Howard
$600,000,000 Aprio Wealth Management Atlanta 5 Keith Greenwald
$594,343,954 WPWealth Fort Worth, Texas 12 Thomas Rein
$592,254,353 SC&H Financial Advisors Inc. Sparks, Md. 21 Gregory Horning
$591,429,559 Rollins Financial Inc. Atlanta 15 Joseph Rollins
$591,128,219 PBMares Wealth Management Williamsburg, Va. 14 Robert Klingensmith
$575,000,000 Irwin Schaffer Saint Paul, Minn. 5 Tom Irwin
$551,000,000 KEB Asset Management Springfield, Ill. Jim Hagerman
$525,000,000 Smith & Howard Wealth Management Atlanta 9 Tim Agnew
$521,000,000 Withum Wealth Management Red Bank, N.J. 11 James Ferrare
$513,000,000 Dopkins Wealth Management Williamsville, N.Y.   Tom Emmerling
$512,759,142 Whitley Penn Financial* Fort Worth, Texas 8
The $100 Million-Plus Club
AUM Firm name Location Staff Chief executive
$492,000,000 Kemper Capital Management Robinson, Ill. 17 Thomas Moore
$478,000,000 GreerWalker Charlotte, N.C. 6 James Reichard
$447,629,675 Jack Oujo CPA Inc. Wall, N.J. 10 Jack Oujo
$439,440,066 Cherry Bekaert Wealth Management* Richmond, Va. 16
$420,249,664 KMH Wealth Management Victoria, Texas 9 Thomas Lane Keller
$420,000,000 BCS Wealth Management Johnson City, Tenn. 11 Nick Clay
$413,000,000 Nova Wealth Management Group Atlanta   Jeffrey Cohen/Sam Bromberg
$401,653,074 Glass Jacobson IA Owings Mills, Md. 13 Jon Dinkins
$386,885,126 Sikich Financial* Springfield, Ill. 14
$367,000,000 Rowling & Associates San Diego 15 Sheryl Rowling
$361,378,277 Arnett Carbis Toothman Wealth Advisors* Charleston, W. Va. 7
$358,000,000 Kraft Asset Management Nashville, Tenn.   Stephen High
$344,659,024 Gross Mendelsohn & Associates Baltimore 120 David Goldner
$342,000,000 Lauterbach Financial Advisors El Paso, Texas   Jon Sonnen
$325,000,000 Mark Sheptoff Financial Planning Glastonbury, Conn. 2 Mark Sheptoff
$323,000,000 ShankerValleau Wealth Advisors Inc. Skokie, Ill. 9 Lawrence Shanker
$317,000,000 Pivotal Planning Group Jericho, N.Y. 13 John Marchisotta
$316,409,357 Bernath & Rosenberg New York City 5 Jacob Rosenberg
$304,000,000 Claris Advisors St. Louis   Stan Royer
$300,000,000 KPM Wealth Advisors Springfield, Mo. 5 Jay McIntyre
$294,000,000 Andrews, Lucia Wealth Management San Mateo, Calif.   Robert Lucia
$283,400,000 Kassouf Wealth Advisors* Birmingham, Ala. 4
$283,200,000 SK Wealth Management Providence, R.I. 7 Jason Archambault
$252,000,000 Horne Wealth Advisors Ridgeland, Miss.   Stan Purvis
$250,000,000 AAFCPAs Wealth Management Westborough, Mass. 8 C. Grinkis / A. Hammond
$248,366,028 Squar Milner Financial Services* Irvine, Calif. 10
$244,753,000 KLR Wealth Management Providence, R.I. 6 Peri Ann Aptaker
$243,634,105 Cassady Schiller Wealth Management* Cincinnati 6 Michael Clark
$241,500,000 Henry + Horne Wealth Management* Scottsdale, Ariz. 22 Michael J. Carlin
$238,000,000 COSYNTRIS Advisory Network Denver 4 Trevor Emery
$235,000,000 Carey & Hanna | Tax & Wealth Planners Oxnard, Calif. 12 Davin Carey
$225,000,000 FMF & E Wealth Management East Syracuse, N.Y.   Chris Gardner
$214,692,614 Causey Demgen & Moore* Denver 55 Nathanael Koch
$209,000,000 Wealth Management Group Dover, Del.   Scott Brown
$197,000,000 Heartland Wealth Advisors Overland Park, Kan.   Douglas Hunt
$192,176,921 WebsterRogers Financial Advisors* Florence, S.C. 8
$192,000,000 Wasserman Wealth Management Farmington Hills, Mich.   Brad Wasserman
$190,000,000 Dental Wealth Advisors Kirkland, Wash.   Sam Martin
$180,000,000 Blue Ocean Strategic Capital Syracuse, N.Y. 7 Theodore Sarenski
$180,000,000 Lumsden McCormick Financial Services Buffalo, N.Y. 10 David Schlein
$179,112,125 LGT Financial Advisors* Dallas 6
$173,000,000 JDH Wealth Management Santa Rosa, Calif.   Matt Delaney
$171,000,000 Siena Investments Grand Ledge, Mich.   Roger Millbrook/Steve Hicks
$167,108,539 Alliant Wealth Advisors Prince William, Va. 8 John Frisch
$160,000,000 Homan Wealth Advisors Omaha, Neb.   Richard Homan
$159,000,000 Shoreline Asset Management New Castle, Ind.   Marion Shore
$154,000,000 Squire Wealth Advisors Orem, Utah   Tim Christensen
$153,000,000 Briggs Wealth Management, Inc. Glastonbury, Conn. 3 Mark Briggs
$145,000,000 PKS Investment Advisors Salisbury, Md.   John Stern
$145,000,000 Wehring Wealth Management Bellville, Texas 9 Charlene Wehring
$143,000,000 JMF Capstone Wealth Management Tuscaloosa, Ala.   Joel Lake
$142,000,000 Pitzl Financial Arden Hills, Minn.   Joe Pitzl
$140,000,000 JRF Asset Advisors Garden City, N.Y. 4 Jay Freeberg
$140,000,000 Walpole Financial Advisors Goleta, Calif.   Kirk Stovesand/Jean Smith
$137,000,000 Bland Garvey Wealth Advisors Richardson, Texas   John Garvey
$135,000,000 M. White Financial Services Baytown, Texas 3 Matthew White
$135,000,000 Susquehanna Financial Advisors Mechanicsburg, Pa. 7 Edward Gormley
$128,000,000 CTM Financial Knoxville, Tenn.   Pat Taylor
$128,000,000 Waypoint Wealth Management Timonium, Md.   G. Palmer/D. Callan/P. Dixon
$127,000,000 Millares Asset Management Coral Gables, Fla.   Ruben Millares
$125,000,000 Allied Financial Partners Victor, N.Y. 40 Tom Tette
$121,996,000 Lurie Wealth Advisors Minneapolis 3 Michele Martin
$119,000,000 AVL WealthCare Gulfport, Miss.   Thomas Schmidt
$115,980,124 Mazars USA Wealth Advisors* New York City 4
$108,000,000 CDSF Willmar, Minn. 3 Chance Hooper
$104,000,000 Green Wealth Management Salem, Ore.   Steven Jamison
$100,000,000 Cole, Newton & Duran CPAs Livonia, Mich. 48 Arthur Cole
The Rising Stars
AUM Firm name Location Staff Chief executive
$95,800,000 Scafa Financial Services Pennington, N.J. 1 Elizabeth Scafa
$94,000,000 Forest Asset Management Berwyn, Ill.   JoAnn May
$94,000,000 Mason Road Wealth Advisors St. Louis   Lori Plescia
$91,000,000 Alliance Wealth Strategies Roanoke, Va.   NA
$90,000,000 Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond Schaumburg, Ill. 79 Allen Kutchins
$88,587,600 Dexter Ward and Associates Denison, Texas 3 Dexter Ward
$87,000,000 Madison Wealth Advisors Lee’s Summit, Mo.   Doug Clark
$84,511,761 Gallagher Flynn Financial Advisors* South Burlington, Vt. 4
$82,000,000 Neuenschwander Asset Management McFarland, Wis.   Tim Neuenschwander
$78,000,000 Pile Wealth Management Indianapolis   Neal Clements
$78,000,000 TDC Capital Advisors College Station, Texas 4 Ronnie Craig
$77,000,000 Steven P. Margulin CPA PC Albuquerque, N.M. 7 Steve Margulin
$76,000,000 HBE Wealth Management Lincoln, Neb.   Scott Becker
$75,000,000 Morrison & Associates Wealth Mgmt. St. Charles, Ill. 3 William Morrison
$72,000,000 Coventry Financial Group Quitman, Texas 3 Larry Coventry
$71,319,049 The Whitlock Company Springfield, Mo. 65 Joe Page
$70,000,000 Cohesion Wealth Advisors Dallas 4 Robert Rinker
$70,000,000 Portsmouth Wealth Management Portsmouth, N.H. 2 William MacDonald

* Data provided by Audit Analytics, a premium online intelligence service that delivers audit, regulator and disclosure analysis to the accounting community. Reach them at (508) 476-7007,, or

† Last year, Dixon Hughes Goodman Wealth Advisors reported its total assets under advisement; this year it is reporting solely assets under management. It has over $2.2 billion in total assets under advisement.
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