AccountMate Software Corp.

This accounting and business management software provides a stable and modifiable accounting solution for the mid-market. It is sold by the module, and the availability of source code makes it modifiable for adaptation to changing business environments. It runs on Microsoft's SQL development engine database. Accountmate also provides a foundation upon which third-party developers can build industry-specific solutions.

Year introduced: 1997.

Current version: V. 6.5 for SQL.

Recent notable enhancements: Additional international taxation; enhanced multi-lingual capabilities.

Pricing: Compiled modules - $1,500; source code - additional $1,500 per module; System Manager - $7,000 for five users.

Maint./support: 15 percent of system cost; 25 percent for life-cycle maintenance.

Training: Sales, modification and product training available via Internet, locally and at headquarters.

Customer contact: Technicalsupport@accountmate.com or (800) 877-8896 ext. 752.

Web site: www.accountmate.com.


Cougar Mountain Software

Cougar Mountain Accounting offers power and flexibility in an affordable package that grows with a company's needs. The latest release speeds collection and payment processing, improving cash flow. With users authorized by function and module, new credit card encryption and advanced password protection, the security is strong. The comprehensive program includes all the basic modules needed, with additional modules available. Cougar Mountain Accounting is GAAP- and FASB-compliant.

Year introduced: 1982.

Current version: 10.

Recent notable enhancements: 256-bit credit card and password encryption; accept payments (in AR) by credit card and pay vendors by credit card; streamlined consumer and business check processing.

Pricing: Single user - $1,599; four users - $2,799; unlimited users - $3,999.

Maint./support: Various plans available, including through authorized resellers. Software Assurance - approximately 19 percent of list. Customer Service Center, with FAQs, electronic learning, accounting and general business articles; paid support contracts available in increments of two to 20 hours.

Training: $795 per person for three-day training at Cougar U in Boise, Idaho, or $995 per day plus all expenses on-site (three-day minimum). Online training - $250 to $720.

Customer contact: (800) 388-3038 or sales@cougarmtn.com.

Web site: www.cougarmtn.com.


CYMA Systems Inc.

Designed expressly for small to midsized businesses, CYMA IV features an easy-to-use interface with custom fields and includes over 300 reports. Available modules include accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, general ledger, inventory control, job costing, payroll, purchase order, and sales order. Separate CYMA versions are also available for client write-up work and for use by nonprofits.

Year introduced: 1996.

Current version: 8.0.

Recent notable enhancements: Enhanced sales order and inventory systems; grant-tracking system for Not-for-Profit Edition; quick-entry system in payroll; new inquiry capability in accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales order and purchase order; more third-party integration options.

Pricing: Per module - $595; per additional user - $595.

Maint./support: Maintenance fee - 16.5 percent of retail price per year. Tech support - $100 per incident or annual plans based on number of modules/users. Unlimited telephone technical support from $395. Online Update Center. Embedded eDesk in software with tutorials, FAQ and getting-started information

Training: Training manuals and online, instructor-led classes in a variety of subjects. Custom training and onsite consulting options also available.

Customer contact: Info@cyma.com or (800) 292-2962

Web site: www.cyma.com.


Epicor Software Corp.

Epicor Enterprise is an end-to-end suite of industry-specific solutions for the global midmarket enterprise. From CRM and professional services automation to financial and supply chain management, Epicor offers adaptable solutions for real-time enterprises, as well as a range of services, providing a single point of accountability.

Year introduced: 1992.

Current version: 7.3.6.

Recent notable enhancements: Over 100 enhancements to the Financials and Supply Chain Management solutions, including an inter-organization facility for transacting, balancing and fiscal reporting at an organization level within a company; budgeting by reference codes (or analysis codes); more detailed forecasting; and inbound and outbound RFID capabilities.

Pricing: Single user - N/A; multi-user - $25,000 for five-user pack.

Maint./support: Averages about 20 percent of purchase price. Online self-service support center, EPICweb. All customers on maintenance have access to EPICweb.

Training: Multiple training programs available, including classroom training, online e-learning and on-site customer education, as well as a customized distance learning program. Pricing ranges from $500 to $2,000 per class.

Customer contact: (800) 999-6995 or e.info@epicor.com.

Web site: www.epicor.com/www/products/enterprise/.


Exact Software

Macola ES (Enterprise Suite) provides a single-source software solution, including manufacturing, distribution and financial. It has native business process management tools, and powerful exception management tools are available.

Year introduced: 2002.

Current version: V. 360.

Pricing: Contact vendor.

Maint./support: Contact vendor. Support@macola.com or (800) 468-0834.

Training: Contact vendor.

Web site: www.exactamerica.com/macola.


Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Business Solutions - Axapta, now a part of Microsoft Dynamics, is an integrated business management solution for midmarket companies and divisions of large organizations that operate in the global marketplace. Axapta offers users access to the business information and processes they need to do their work through a new Web framework, and also provides sophisticated functionality across the manufacturing, distribution and financial applications.

Year introduced: 1997.

Current version: 3.0.

Pricing: Ranges from $120,000 to $500,000.

Maint./support: MBS Enhancement Plan and through partners.

Training: Through solution centers.

Customer contact: MBS Support Services or local authorized dealer, (800) 456-0025.

Web site: www.microsoft.com/businesssolutions/axapta.


Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Navision is a fully customizable business management solution designed to meet the specific needs of small and midsized companies as well as divisions of larger enterprises. It includes integrated functionality for financial management, supply chain collaboration, manufacturing, CRM and e-commerce.

Year introduced: 1995.

Current version: 4.0 Service Pack 1.

Recent notable enhancements: New user interface; Employee Portal (Microsoft SharePoint integration); business analytics; business notifications; manufacturing and costing.

Pricing: Typical configuration for single user - starts at $2,500.

Maint./support: MBS Enhancement Plan and support through Microsoft Certified Partners.

Training: Through Microsoft Certified Partners or online.

Web site: www.microsoft.com/businesssolutions/navision.


Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0, formerly known as Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains, is an integrated, adaptable business management solution that helps executives, managers and staff more easily access information that is meaningful to their specific role and responsibilities, and gain contextual insight into what key drivers matter to their business.

Year introduced: 1993.

Current version: 9.0.

Recent notable enhancements: Deeper integration with Microsoft Office. Access for customer info and ordering through security-enhanced extranet capabilities. Addition of 21 role-based user templates. Over 160 Web services interfaces. Contextual business intelligence tools. Integration with Microsoft CRM.

Pricing: Standard Edition - starts at $3,500; Professional Edition - starts at $7,500.

Maint./support: First year (includes updates; federal, local and Canadian provincial tax updates; professional services tools library; incident support with three-hour guarantee; and training CD) - 18 percent of price. Subsequent years - 16 percent.

Training: Classroom, computer-based, Internet-based and manuals.

Customer contact: MBS Support Services or local authorized dealer, (800) 456-0025.

Web site: www.microsoft.com/businesssolutions/greatplains.


Microsoft Corp.

The latest version of Microsoft Business Solutions - Solomon, now called Microsoft Dynamics SL 6.5, helps increase effectiveness by providing the tools users need to view and process data, based on the permissions that they have established.

Year introduced: 2005 (as Dynamics SL).

Current version: 6.5.

Recent notable enhancements: New Bank Reconciliation and Purchase Requisitions modules. Microsoft Dynamics SL Business Portal 3.0, built on the Windows SharePoint Services collaboration and document management solution.

Pricing: Three-user financial solution - starts at $8,700.

Maint./support: First year - 18 percent of list price (provides product and database updates; managed newsgroups; and two online training subscriptions for the Foundation Library). Subsequent-year services - 16 percent of list.

Training: Classroom training, e-learning and training materials available.

Customer contact: MBS Support Services or local authorized dealer, or (800) 456-0025.

Web site: www.microsoft.com/businesssolutions/.


Open Systems Inc.

Open Systems has developed accounting software and business applications for small and midsized businesses since 1976. It provides source code and offers the flexibility to choose from a number of platforms. OSAS offers a full suite of accounting and distribution modules, as well as advanced reporting capabilities, e-business solutions, and specialized modules for the construction industry.

Year introduced: 1976.

Current version: 7.0.

Recent notable enhancements: A new Java-based BBj implementation; address mapping; dozens of Excel PivotTable productivity reports; ODBC drivers to open OSAS data directly in Excel, etc.

Pricing: Per module - $1,500; Resource Manager price varies based on user count.

Maint./support: Various plans; contact vendor.

Training: Users - $45 to $65 per hour; resellers - $45 per hour.

Customer contact: (800) 328-2276 or support@osas.com.

Web site: www.osas.com.


Intuit Inc.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0 is the most powerful product in the QuickBooks family. It scales up to 15 simultaneous users and provides enhanced functionality for inventory, advanced reporting and analytics, and a Financial Statement Designer. Users can expand with more than 400 add-ons from the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace.

Year introduced: 2001.

Current version: 6.0.

Recent notable enhancements: Built on Sybase's iAnywhere embedded database; open access to the database through ODBC; new Sales Order Fulfillment feature provides a single view of all pending orders; new Available to Promise feature reports exact amount of inventory on hand.

Pricing: Five-seat license - $3,000; 10-seat license - $4,500; 15-seat license - $6,000.

Maint./support: All prices include the Full Service Plan (24/7 technical support from a dedicated support engineer, product upgrades, custom reporting services, data protection services, interactive training tools and automatic plan renewal).

Training: Interactive training kit available.

Customer contact: (800) 348-0254.

Web site: www.qbes.com.


Sage Software Inc.

Formerly the Accpac Advantage Series, Sage Accpac ERP is a Web-based accounting system designed for companies of all sizes. It runs on leading platforms and is the foundation for an integrated suite of end-to-end business applications. Available in four editions, it scales to accommodate growing organizations.

Year introduced: 1994.

Current version: 5.3B.

Recent notable enhancements: Unlimited optional fields throughout the core application (including at the transaction level); integrated Sage Accpac CRM solution.

Pricing: Single and multi-user - $595 per. Starting price per module - $595.

Maint./support: Annual fees - from 18 percent of price, depending on level of support included. ClientCare includes Software Assurance, Priority Software Support, OnDemand Issue or 5-packs, and Payroll Update Plan.

Training: On-site through Sage Accpac Certified Consultants, authorized training centers, or computer-based.

Customer contact: For operational products support - Sagesupport1@sage.com; for financials support - sagesupport3@sage.com; or (800) 253-1372.

Web site: www.accpac.com.


Sage Software Inc.

Sage MAS 90 and 200 4.1 automate core accounting and e-commerce and provide business intelligence tools with financial reporting. The solutions also include support for CRM, HR and payroll. Sage MAS 90 and 200 4.1 have robust project management, manufacturing and wholesale distribution capabilities, bill of materials management and job costing.

Year introduced: Sage MAS 90 - 1984; Sage MAS 200 - 1997.

Current version: 4.1.

Recent notable enhancements: Reports in five upgraded modules presented in Crystal Reports viewer and have an added Save Report Settings feature. Sales order to job cost integration. Personalization features.

Pricing: Starts at $5,700, depending on configuration and number of concurrent users.

Maint./support: Online knowledgebase, telephone and e-mail support available.

Training: Through authorized Sage Software business partners or Certified Sage Software Education Centers.

Customer contact: (800) 854-3415.

Web site: www.sagesoftware.com.

Sage MAS 500 ERP 7.0

Sage Software Inc.

Sage MAS 500 7.0 is a complete business management solution that automates accounting and financials, project accounting, distribution and manufacturing functions, plus provides seamless integration to CRM, HR and payroll offerings from Sage Software.

Year introduced: 1996.

Current version: 7.0.

Recent notable enhancements: New Warehouse Management module. Enhanced bin, serial and lot distribution. User-defined masking capabilities. Business Insights Explorer.

Pricing: Starts at $10,500, depending on configuration and number of concurrent users.

Maint./support: Online knowledgebase, telephone and e-mail support available.

Training: Through authorized Sage Software business partners or Certified Sage Software Education Centers.

Customer contact: (800) 854-3415.

Web site: www.sagesoftware.com.


Sage Software Inc.

Formerly Accpac Pro Series, Sage Pro ERP is an accounting and manufacturing business management system that offers full source-code availability. Easy to customize, Sage Pro is available in two editions. It supports the Visual FoxPro and Microsoft SQL databases, and Windows and Linux operating systems. It also integrates with other Sage Accpac end-to-end business management applications.

Year introduced: 1991.

Current version: 7.3B.

Recent notable enhancements: National accounts functionality; expanded multicurrency support across multiple modules; advanced credit card processing capabilities; new transaction wizards; enhanced bank reconciliation features; additions to the Recommended Reorder Report to include Work Order Allocations; and support for nested Bills of Materials to include modular and variable components in one BOM.

Pricing: Pro 100 - starts at $995 per module; Pro 200 - starts at $1,995 per module. Licenses - start at $1,095 per user.

Maint./support: 18 percent of price annually. Unlimited phone support - $1,500 per product set (discounts available for multiple product sets).

Training: Online and through authorized training centers.

Customer contact: (800) 253-1372 or customercare.accpac@sage.com.

Web site: www.sageproerp.com/products/finance/pro.


SAP America Inc.

SAP Business One 2004 is simple by design, requiring minimal training for users. It covers the core operations necessary to run successful businesses, including customer relationship management, accounting, reporting, sales and distribution, purchasing, and warehouse and partner management.

Year introduced: 2003.

Current version: 2005.

Recent notable enhancements: New implementation tool, Copy Express; multi-language support of trade documents; embedded XL Reporter tool; integrated reporting and financial analysis tool.

Pricing: $3,750 per user.

Maint./support: Business partners handle service support.

Training: Certified partners oversee individual training programs.

Customer contact: (888) 227-1727 or www8.sap.com/sbo/usa/.

Web site: www.sap.com/solutions/sme/businessone/index.epx.


Open Systems Inc.

Open Systems has developed accounting and business applications since 1976. It provides source code and the flexibility to choose from a number of platforms. Traverse was developed entirely with Microsoft technology and offers advanced reporting capabilities; e-business solutions; specialized modules for nonprofits, manufacturing and distribution; and a number of vertical applications. There are two versions, one for companies with up to 12 users, and an Enterprise Edition.

Year introduced: 1994.

Current version: 10.2.

Recent notable enhancements: Digital Dashboard, multicurrency, Service Director and Inventory enhancements.

Pricing: $1,500 per module; Resource Manager price varies based on user count.

Maint./support: Various plans; contact vendor.

Training: Users - $45 to $65 per hour; resellers - $45 per hour.

Customer contact: (800) 328-2276 or support@osas.com.

Web site: www.osas.com.


Red Wing Software

TurningPoint accounting and business management software fills the gap between off-the-shelf software and costly high-end systems, and lets businesses customize the package by choosing individual modules, which include general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, order entry, purchase orders, inventory and add-on payroll.

Year introduced: 2001.

Current version: 4.0.

Recent notable enhancements: Enhanced reporting, including personalized sales order reports. Add-on utility to more easily import invoice information from third-party software into AR module. Ability to print a quick, one-time check without setting up a vendor.

Pricing: Individual modules - $895; Inventory Suite (includes all modules) - $4,495; Red Wing Payroll add-on - $795; additional users - $295.

Maint./support: Annual Customer Care Memberships include unlimited, toll-free access to support call center. Silver-level service (one-hour guaranteed response time) - from $399 to $699, single user. $200 for Red Wing Payroll and $50 per additional user.

Training: Classroom training (qualifies for CPE) - $200 per day.

Customer contact: Judy Reyher, Hollar & Co. Inc., (719) 254-7411 or judy@hollarseeds.com.

Web site: www.redwingsoftware.com.



MYOB BusinessEssentials Pro delivers a suite of productivity software and tools, including Premier Accounting Ultimate Financial Forecaster, Staff Files, Customer Appointment Manager, and Logo Creator, plus insightful, easy-to-read business books. It offers integrated, optional business services, including processing credit cards, direct deposit, vendor payments, payroll forms services, and full-service payroll.

Year introduced: 2005.

Current version: 2.

Recent notable enhancements: Hold up to seven years of transactions in one company file. Enhanced inventory, credit card processing, general ledger and contact card features. Multi-year budgets. Payment, employee time tracking, paycheck and audit trail enhancements.

Pricing: $299; workstation licenses - $149; pack of five licenses - $499.

Maint./support: Annual - $249, single user; $299, multi-user. Monthly - $19.99, single user. Basic support, annual option only - $89 per year.

Training: Training seminars.

Customer contact: (800) 322-6962.

Web site: www.myob.com/us.


Sage Software Inc.

Designed for growing businesses, Peachtree Premium Accounting includes progress billing, serialized inventory, company consolidation, employee compensation history and the ability to archive company data. It also includes more than 140 pre-built reports for business analysis, as well as Crystal Reports for Peachtree for customized reporting capabilities.

Year introduced: 2005.

Current version: 2006.

Pricing: Single user - $499.99; multi-user - $999.99.

Maint./support: $179 to $299, depending on plan. Optional Peachtree Payroll Tax Service - $179.95.

Training: Hands-on training guides, CD-ROM accounting tutorial, local training through Sage Software Small Business Division Certified Consultants.

Customer contact: (800) 228-0068 or sales@peachtree.com.

Web site: www.peachtree.com.


Intuit Inc.

QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2006 can read all editions of QuickBooks 2006 without converting the data. The accountant can open the client's data file, make changes using the Accountant Edition and return the file to the client for them to restore using their own edition of QuickBooks 2006.

Year introduced: 2001.

Current version: 2006.

Recent notable enhancements: "Toggle" between same-year QuickBooks editions. Always-on audit trail. Voiding uncashed checks in the current period. Portable company file for ease in mailing data. Convert Peachtree files and other software files to QuickBooks.

Pricing: Single user - $399.95; five-user license - $1,399.95.

Training: Seminars, Webinars, self-study on-line tutorials.

Maint./support: 30 days of free technical support available for new users.

Customer contact: (888) 320-7276.

Web site: http://accountant.intuit.com/products_services/quickbooks_ premier_accountant_edition.


Sage Software Inc.

Sage BusinessWorks is a modular accounting solution that includes general financial management modules for GL, AP and AR, along with cash management, inventory, order entry, payroll, job costing and utility functions. It also offers more than 200 built-in reports with graphical reporting capabilities, and integrates with other applications to create an integrated front-office and back-office business solution.

Year introduced: 1997.

Current version: 6.0.

Recent notable enhancements: ACT! integration; Create Purchase Orders from a Sales Order option; Drop Ship feature; expanded transaction description fields.

Pricing: Four-user configuration - starts at $575 per module (includes Subscription Plan annual maintenance agreement).

Maint./support: Subscription, Silver & Gold Plan annual maintenance agreements.

Training: Through authorized Sage Software business partners or Certified Sage Software Education Centers.

Customer contact: (800) 854-3415.

Web site: www.sagesoftware.com.


Sage Software Inc.

Simply Accounting by Sage Basic is an accounting solution for small businesses requiring entry-level accounting, quick set-up and ease of use, and payroll functionality. No accounting experience is required. It features easy integration with Microsoft, including Outlook synchronization, viewing and analyzing reports in Excel, and more.

Year introduced: 1991.

Current version: 2006.

Recent notable enhancements: Enhancements to the Simply Form Designer. Easy Align Checks that conform to the new US Check 21 standard. Display JPEG and GIF images of inventory items. Enhanced wizards and larger payroll check window. New simplified account reconciliation report.

Pricing: $49.99.

Maint./support: SimplyCare with Payroll, SimplyCare with Support, SimplyCare with Payroll and Support.

Training: Available from local consultants.

Customer contact: (888) 261-9610.

Web site: www.simplyaccounting.com.



Sage Software Inc.

Formerly called CPAClient Write-Up, Client Write-Up, part of the Sage CPA Accounting product line, offers after-the-fact payroll that automatically updates employee statistics. Quick quarterly payroll reports are included. Data entry is delegated to the client for those who use Peachtree by Sage, QuickBooks or Sage MAS 90. Workpaper Manager provides a secure container for all workpapers related to a working trial balance. Accounting Report Writer offers better analysis of financial information by easily creating custom reports.

Year introduced: 1999.

Current version: 2005.54.01.

Recent notable enhancements: Add-on modules Workpaper Manager, Accounting Report Writer and Payroll Attendance Import. "Group" security, real-time payroll override, and printing to PDF.

Pricing: $1,285, including laser checks, ATF payroll, bank reconciliation, federal and one state reporting. Add-ons include Workpaper Manager ($695), Accounting Report Writer ($395) and Payroll Attendance Import ($995).

Maint./support: First six months of tech support - free. Maintenance includes toll-free and online support, including 24/7 access to Solution Center knowledgebase.

Training: Classroom, regional, Web-based, and on-site training options.

Customer contact: (800) 272-7889.

Web site: www.sagepracticesolutions.com.


Intuit Inc.

Intuit EasyACCT Professional Series is an inexpensive accounting software package that includes basic functionality such as write-up, general ledger, payroll, customizable financial statements, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

Year introduced: Acquired by Intuit in 2001.

Current version: 2005/2006.

Recent notable enhancements: Adjusted trial balance report; Windows-based AR and AP modules; financial statements and custom reports; trial balance; accrual of paid time off; 401(k) employer matching; online product download patches; asset depreciation; bank reconciliation; payroll; financial amortization.

Pricing: New user - $1,590; upgrade - $850.

Maint./support: Toll-free phone support, e-mail support, Web site support and in-program help.

Training: Program manual, video tutorials, in-product help menus, Webinars and product demos.

Customer contact: (800) 934-1040.

Web site: http://accountant.intuit.com/products_services/intuit_easyacct/index.aspx.



ProSystem fx Write-Up helps firms view and mine data to streamline the day-to-day management of their clients' operations. Tightly integrated with other solutions offered in the ProSystem fx Office Suite, including ProSystem fx Tax and Trial Balance, Write-Up lets end users create, customize and print a wide range of finance reports.

Year introduced: 2004.

Current version: 2.5.

Recent notable enhancements: Flexible capabilities for processing vendor checks; filter and sorting features for viewing in-process checks by specific check dates, payee or amount.

Pricing: First user - $995; $50 for additional users.

Maint./support: Annual fees; annual renewal required.

Customer contact: (800) PFX-9998.

Web site: http://tax.cchgroup.com/write-up/.


Creative Solutions

Write-Up CS is the heart of the CS Professional Suite accounting products line. It is a fully integrated suite of modules that automates all processes - from entering data (including after-the-fact payroll) to generating financial statements and preparing year-end reports. Write-Up CS fully integrates with CS Professional Suite's accounting and tax preparation software applications.

Year introduced: 1999.

Current version: 2005.4.1.

Recent notable enhancements: Print information and view current-year activity in View GL Activity dialog. Switch between multiple checkbooks within the same client in Bank Reconciliation. Customize the header information on standard reports. Support for leading zeros in account numbers for the chart of accounts.

Pricing: Starts at $1,800.

Maint./support: Support contracts are available; otherwise, $18 per 10-minute increment. Additional support via Creative Solutions Annual Users' Conference, ARNE2, knowledgebase, NetCS, online help, e-mail.

Training: Write-Up CS seminars, hands-on classroom training, teletraining, Web-based training, on-site training, Getting Started Guide, Tutorial Guide.

Customer contact: (800) 968-0600 or cs.support@thomson.com.

Web site: http://creativesolutions.thomson.com.



Sage Software Inc.

ACT! by Sage helps users access key contact and customer information, manage and prioritize activities, and track all contact-related communications. Users can generate reports for a complete view of customer interactions. ACT! Links allow users to view and share data with popular accounting applications, including Peachtree and QuickBooks.

Year introduced: 1987.

Current version: V. 8.0.

Recent notable enhancements: Advanced company and group tree view, customized opportunity fields and enhanced attachment synchronization. Silent installation, automatic database back-up and sync, and custom user permissions.

Pricing: Five to 50 users - $399.99; one to 10 users - $229.99.

Maint./support: ACT! Advantage program (with unlimited phone support) - $299 annually. Per-call support also available.

Training: Certification, solution provider and end-user training available online, on-site and classroom.

Customer contact: Customer.inquiry@act.com or (800) 927-3989.

Web site: www.act.com.


Exact Software

Exact Software's e-Synergy is a business management solution that makes it possible to connect everything within an organization - people, documents, tasks, assets and more - in a single database. Utilizing Web technology, e-Synergy unifies all aspects of an organization in a single database.

Year introduced: 2002.

Current version: V. 360.

Pricing: Contact vendor.

Maint./support: Contact vendor.

Training: Contact vendor.

Customer contact: Support@macola.com or (800) 468-0834.

Web site: www.exactamerica.com/synergy.


Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, formerly known as Microsoft Business Solutions CRM, is a complete CRM solution that provides all of the tools and capabilities needed to create and maintain a clear picture of customers from first contact through purchase and post-sales. With modules for sales, marketing and customer service, it helps enable closer relationships with customers.

Year introduced: 2002.

Current version: 3.0.

Recent notable enhancements: Redesigned Outlook client and Web client interfaces. New marketing automation module, service scheduling module, environmental diagnostics wizard, and customization and integration options. Number of languages has increased from 16 to 22.

Pricing: Contact vendor.

Maint./support: MBS Software Assurance Program included.

Training: Through MBS solution partners.

Customer contact: MBS Support Services or local authorized dealer; (888) 477-7989.

Web site: www.microsoft.com/businesssolutions/crm/default.mspx.


Sage Software Inc.

Sage Accpac CRM is an integrated sales, marketing, customer support and call center automation solution. Completely Internet- and WAP-enabled, it integrates with Sage Accpac ERP and Sage Pro ERP, and has full integration with other business-critical solutions such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, as well as proprietary systems. Sage Accpac CRM can be deployed as an on-premises or a hosted solution.

Year introduced: 1997.

Current version: V. 5.7.

Recent notable enhancements: Improved end-user dashboards, Outlook synchronization, data import and management, and reporting.

Pricing: Single user - $795; single user, hosted - $69 per month. Volume discounts apply.

Maint./support: 18 to 40 percent of price. One-hour call-back service available. OnDemand customer support available on a case-by-case basis or in packages of five cases.

Training: Certification, solution provider and end-user training available online, on-site and classroom.

Customer contact: Info.sagecrmsolutions@sage.com or (800) 643-6400.

Web site: http://na.sagecrm.com/.


Sage Software Inc.

Sage CRM SalesLogix delivers integrated sales, marketing, customer service and support automation that can be tailored to an organization's customer acquisition, retention and development processes. Flexible and easy to use, Sage CRM SalesLogix readily accommodates growth and changing business requirements.

Year introduced: 1997.

Current version: V. 6.2.3.

Recent notable enhancements: Database list management to process thousands of customer records in seconds; Web interface scalability increased with smaller memory footprint and no download.

Pricing: $795 per user.

Maint./support: 10 to 20 percent of price. ClassicCare unlimited phone and Web Portal support included with maintenance/support contract.

Training: Certification, solution provider and end-user training available online, on-site and classroom.

Customer contact: Saleslogixinfo@sage.com or (800) 643-6400.

Web site: www.sagesaleslogix.com.



eMoney Advisor

EMoney's AdvisorPlatform is a Web-based wealth-planning tool that offers an aggregated, comprehensive view of a client's financial portfolio, as well as features and functions that enable more complete planning and better servicing of a client's needs.

Year introduced: 2000.

Current version: 4.0.

Recent notable enhancements: Role-based permissioning, alliance program and goal planning.

Pricing: Single advisor - $1,500 per seat license, $350 per client seat. Discounts available for enterprise businesses. Cost includes basic technology set-up and training, initial marketing materials, and 20MB of storage for online document vault. Monthly subscription - $299 per month, with a three-month minimum.

Maint./support: Quarterly software update and major annual release.

Training: EMoney University Training Center offers 24/7 access.

Customer contact: Customer Service Department toll-free (888) 362-8482, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Friday, or customersupport@emoneyadvisor.com.

Web site: www.advisorplatform.com.


Morningstar Inc.

Morningstar Principia is designed to help financial professionals research six different types of investments - stocks, mutual funds, variable annuity/life subaccounts, ETFs, closed-end funds, and separate accounts - and combine them in complete, real-world portfolios. Once a portfolio is built, Principia's NASD-compliant Snapshot Reports can be created to illustrate client holdings for customized presentations. Each investment module includes a Multi-Asset Portfolio Developer, and the Hypotheticals module that works with any of the other six modules.

Year introduced: 1991.

Recent notable enhancements: New Defined-Contribution Plans module. Added over 1,000 stock analyst reports on some of the most popular companies to Principia Stocks and about 1,600 online fund analyst reports to Principia Mutual Funds.

Pricing: Varies. One investment database - $635; multiple investment universes - $2,725. Principia Defined-Contribution Plans - $1,990 per year.

Maint./support: Tech support included in subscription fee.

Training: Online and classroom training - starts at $49 per person.

Customer contact: (800) 735-0700 or advisorsupport@morningstar.com.

Web site: www.global.morningstar.com/principia.


Emerging Information

Systems Inc.

NaviPlan simplifies the planning process. Its fully integrated design with easy-to-use analysis levels lets advisors select the planning features that will most efficiently address each client case. As the client's planning needs evolve, advisors can promote the plan to the next level to access additional planning features.

Year introduced: 1995 in Canada; 1998 in the U.S.

Current version: 10.0.

Recent notable enhancements: Retirement distribution enhancements; new navigation elements and planning features. Redesigned screens to reduce data entry time. Drill-down capabilities. New Financial Assessment tool to quickly engage clients, and new Financial Picture feature to provide high-level net worth and cash flow information. Scenarios tab provides instant analysis of goals and explores "what-if" scenarios.

Pricing: Starts at $625 for one-year subscription with user-defined asset allocation, or $750 for a one-year subscription with Ibbotson Associates asset allocation components.

Training: Self-study guides, video clips, live Web-based training or in-person training.

Maint./support: Telephone and online support (https://users.naviplan.com/).

Customer contact: (888) 692-3474 opt. 4.

Web site: www.naviplan.com.


Brentmark Software

PFP Notebook is organized as a series of screens that literally walk the planner through each of the modules. Once the client data is filled in, the planner works through the screens for each module - Client Section, Financial Data, Risk Management, Investments, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Education Funding, and Income Tax. The program offers optional links between modular areas so that they can be used either separately or as an integrated plan.

Year introduced: 1993.

Current version: 2005.12.

Recent notable enhancements: 2005 income tax rates; the ability to save reports in PDF, RTF or HTML formats; improved engagement letters and documents; an improved editor for information paragraphs and client letters; new calculations and reporting for education funding and the addition of Net Worth category totals to reports. Redesigned screens.

Pricing: Single user - $595; multi-user (two to 10 users at one location) - $1,190.

Maint./support: Annual fee - $199 per single-user version; includes tech support.

Customer contact: Support@brentmark.com or (407) 306-6160.

Web site: www.brentmark.com.


Financial Profiles Inc.

As part of the Financial Profiles Enterprise Suite, Profiles+ Professional is available in a stand-alone Windows desktop version, a browser-based version, or mixed environments where both versions provide flexibility, integration and collaboration. Its modular structure provides a built-in growth path for advisors to tackle the most complex strategies.

Year introduced: 1996.

Current version: V. 7.6.

Pricing: Base - $1,000. Monte Carlo simulation, Advanced Estate Calculations and Ibbotson Security Classifier options at an additional cost.

Maint./support: Included. 24/7 online customer support at www.profiles.com, as well as phone support Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST at (866) 620-7510. E-mail support at techsupport@profiles.com or planningsupport@profiles.com.

Training: Getting Started CD and Owners' Manual included. Just in Time training packages and monthly "Profiles Pulse" newsletter also offered free. Workshop classroom sessions available at an additional cost.

Customer contact: (866) 620-7510.

Web site: www.profiles.com/products_solutions/advisor/professional.php.



This estate planning software enables practitioners to graphically compare multiple estate planning scenarios with clients. The presentation tool generates customizable flowcharts, graphs and reports that summarize planning scenarios for presentations. Modules cover mutual funds, stocks, variable annuities, closed-end funds and separate accounts.

Year introduced: 2003.

Most current version: 4.6.

Recent notable enhancements: Integration with HotDocs, LexisNexis' document management system. The ability to export data and reports to both Word documents and PDF files. New customizable disclaimer. New Estate Details Report. Law and rate updates.

Pricing: New - starts at $1,565; renewal - $860. Multi-user rates available.

Maint./support: N/A. Toll-free tech support included.

Training: On-site, teleconferences and Web conferences.

Customer contact: http://tax.cchgroup.com, cust_serv@cch.com or (888) 879-5515 opt. 1.

Web site: http://tax.cchgroup.com/viewplan.



BNA Software

Available as a desktop, server or Web-based solution, BNA Fixed Assets comes with more than 30 predefined, standard reports, including five fileable tax forms and supporting worksheets. Built-in wizards and asset templates make data entry fast and accurate, while automatic validation ensures regulatory compliance. The exclusive Open Timeline feature allows adjustments and changes to be made anytime, while maintaining a complete and ironclad audit trail.

Year introduced: Desktop - 1998. Web - 2001.

Current version: 2005.

Recent notable enhancements: Addition of online depreciation guide. Support for cost-segregation studies and Sarbanes-Oxley controls.

Pricing: Single-user desktop - starts at $1,595. Unlimited technical support included in price.

Maint./support: Desktop maintenance begins at $835 a year for a single user. Unlimited technical support included in price.

Training: Hands-on classroom, Web and on-site/custom training available.

Customer contact: (800) 424-2938 or software@bna.com.

Web site: www.bnasoftware.com/fixedassets.


Creative Solutions

Fixed Assets CS provides depreciation processing capabilities to accomplish complex asset management and tracking tasks, and includes the ability to custom-sort asset data and flexible report-writing capabilities. The Inventory module is also available for conducting physical asset inventories. To further simplify data entry, the program offers several wizards, including the Method/Life Wizard to quickly set up new assets and the Disposal Wizard to quickly get rid of them.

Year introduced: 1980.

Current version: 2005.1.0.

Recent notable enhancements: Home Page displays global information when program is first opened, including any updates that need to be downloaded and applied; support for multiple data locations; calculation of inclusion amount for leased vehicles (1040 clients only); and ability to check out clients.

Pricing: Starts at $1,100.

Maint./support: Support contracts available; otherwise, $18 per 10-minute increment. Additional support via Creative Solutions Annual Users' Conference, ARNE2, knowledgebase, NetCS, online help, e-mail.

Training: Hands-on classroom training, teletraining, Web-based training, on-site training, Getting Started Guide, Walk-Through Guide.

Customer contact: (800) 968-0600 or cs.support@thomson.com.

Web site: www.creativesolutions.thomson.com.



This asset tracking, management and reporting solution streamlines all depreciation tasks; allows users to customize reports, asset information and screen views; and fully integrates with CCH's ProSystem fx Tax.

Year introduced: 2001.

Current version: 2004.03000.

Recent notable enhancements: Ability to copy assets from the right-click menu; add K-1 entity type to TaxLink for Worksheet view; ability to sort Asset ID numerically rather than alphanumerically; group like-kind exchanges; option to elect out of bonus depreciation; option to set default property type in asset global settings; feature to hide fully depreciated/disposed assets on year-end close; import/export from/to Global fx; exchange detail report; and 4562s/4797s available in years beyond 2004.

Pricing: Single user - $1,550; additional users - $135 each.

Maint./support: Tech support included.

Training: Web-based training - $100.

Customer contact: (800) PFX-9998.

Web site: http://tax.cchgroup.com/pfx/products/fixedassets/.


Sage Software Inc.

Sage FAS solutions combine fixed asset accounting, asset inventory and report-writing functionality; integrate with general ledger solutions; and provide fixed asset depreciation calculations for financial and tax reporting, and personal property tax filings. Sage FAS covers the entire fixed asset life cycle, from acquisition to disposal. It is also available in government and nonprofit versions, specifically developed for the unique needs of school, government and nonprofit organizations. FAS CIP Accounting is also available for construction-in-progress projects.

Year introduced: 1982.

Current version: 2006.1.

Recent notable enhancements: Annual tax update in December 2005 included information about latest tax regulations, forms and rates.

Pricing: Single user - FAS 100 Asset Accounting starts at $2,295; Asset Inventory starts at $2,295; Asset Accounting, Asset Inventory and FAS Report Writer start at $3,995.

Maint./support: Available, including unlimited phone and online support, as well as annual software updates.

Training: Web-based - $165 and up; classroom - $650 and up; on-site customized - $1,600 and up.

Customer contact: (800) 368-2405.

Web site: www.sage.com.



AccuFund Inc.

AccuFund is an accounting suite designed specifically for the requirements of nonprofits and government agencies. It offers an easy-to-use interface for the staff; the reporting flexibility required for internal and external requirements; easy cross-year/inception-to-date reporting; and a rich feature set in the modules.

Year introduced: 2001.

Current version: 3.03.

Recent notable enhancements: Table-based account structure; document image storage with transactions; "quick" reports and configurable browses in all modules; AF Query module.

Pricing: Single-user stand-alone Core system (GL, AP, cash receipts, bank reconciliation, reporting, import/export and basic security) - $2,995; two-user network Core system - $5,395; additional users - $1,195 to $895, depending on volume; other modules - $1,000 to $3,995. Query-only user - $295 per user. 25-user and 50-user full suite pricing available.

Maint./support: 25 percent per year for support, maintenance and enhancements.

Training: Available through resellers.

Customer contact: Contact Paul Gavin, support@accufund.com or (877) 872-3911.

Web site: www.accufund.com.


Cougar Mountain Software

Cougar Mountain Fund Suite is an accounting and financial management software package designed exclusively for nonprofit organizations and government agencies. It handles multiple funds or grant tracking with comprehensive budget comparisons. Each fund can have its own fiscal calendar, separate from the organization's fiscal calendar. It also handles the complex transactions demanded of a nonprofit accounting system, including inter-fund transfers and fund balancing, and fully conforms to GAAP. It also provides reporting for FASB Standards 116 and 117.

Year introduced: 1982.

Current version: 10.

Recent notable enhancements: Pay vendors by credit card; improved electronic funds transfer; AP Quick Pay for paying multiple invoices from one vendor.

Pricing: Single user - $3,199; four users - $4,199; unlimited users - $5,299.

Maint./support: Various plans available. Support also available through resellers. Software Assurance - approximately 19 percent of list. Customer Service Center, with FAQs, electronic learning, accounting and general business articles; paid support contracts available in increments of two to 20 hours.

Training: $795 per person for three-day training at Cougar U in Boise, Idaho, or $995 per day plus all expenses on-site (three-day minimum). Online training - $250 to $720.

Customer contact: (800) 390-7053 or support@cougarmtn.com.

Web site: www.cougarmtn.com.


Blackbaud Inc.

Designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, The Financial Edge is a financial management solution that helps nonprofit professionals make more informed decisions, evaluate organizational financial health and demonstrate accountability. The Financial Edge includes: general ledger; project, grant and endowment management; allocation management; budget management and advanced budget management; accounts payable and receivable; purchase orders; e-requisitions; fixed assets; cash management; electronic funds transfer; cash receipts; payroll; point of sale; student billing; and advanced security. Although the system can be used as one fully integrated unit, each organization can decide which modules it needs and can purchase additional modules as necessary.

Year introduced: 1984.

Pricing: Starts at $2,000, based on the number of modules and user licenses.

Maint./support: 24 percent of price; includes phone support, Web and e-mail, plus bulletins, searchable knowledge base, FAQs, e-mail listserv and all upgrades.

Training: GL classroom training - $1,125; additional classes offered depending on modules used.

Customer contact: (800) 443-9441 or solutions@blackbaud.com.

Web site: www.blackbaud.com.


Kintera Inc.

Kintera FundWare offers 24 modules that not-for-profits and government organizations can mix and match to meet their exact budgeting, reporting and auditing needs. It offers a built-in audit trail, and provides configurable security features. Flexible reporting tools also come standard, with more than 60 pre-defined reports included free in the general ledger, and reporting tools to comply with FASB/GASB requirements.

Year introduced: 1976.

Current version: 7.31.

Recent notable enhancements: New Financial Link module, which enables data sharing between Kintera FundWare and Kintera Sphere; the addition of accounts receivable/cash receipts functionality to Kintera's ASP offering. Payroll enhancements.

Pricing: Modules range from $1,295 to $3,995.

Maint./support: Options available include centrally located phone support staff; online knowledgebase filled with tips and FAQ; and regularly scheduled user group meetings throughout the country

Training: Online product support movies accessible 24/7; regional training classes and online e-classes offered weekly; professional services team provides on-site, personalized consulting and training services; nationwide network of resellers.

Customer contact: Contact LeAnne Dudley, fwsupport@kintera.com or (800) 227-7575.

Web site: www.fundware.com.


Sage Software Inc.

Sage MIP Fund Accounting is a financial management solution for nonprofits for planning and managing budgets, maximizing grants, and producing accurate customized reports in minutes.

Year introduced: 1982.

Current version: V. 7.1

Recent notable enhancements: Increased technical options and flexibility, including option to install on either MSDE or SQL Server. New workflow and processing options in payroll. New labor reports. Allocation Module enhanced with new calculation methods, improved processing options, and the ability to allocate across multiple segments at one time. New default financial statements and formats, and a federal Form 990 worksheet.

Pricing: Starts at $2,995.

Training: Starts at $250 for e-learning.

Customer contact: (800) 945-3278.

Web site: www.sagenonprofit.com.


Serenic Corp.

Serenic Navigator, powered by Microsoft Dynamics (formerly Navision), is a financial management solution that delivers the functionality required by NFP organizations and government agencies. It offers core financials plus a comprehensive suite of operational applications, including fundraising, case management, utility billing and grant management. Navigator provides the ability to easily generate SFAS 117- or GASB 34-compliant financial reports, while delivering data analysis functions through Microsoft Dynamics' drill-down technology.

Year introduced: 2001.

Current version: 4.00.02.

Recent notable enhancements: Serenic DonorVision, a fundraising application. OneCare, for program management, scheduling and billing functionality for human services organizations.

Pricing: Ranges from $25,000 to $75,000, depending on number of users and modules.

Maint./support: Annual fees - from 16 percent to 24 percent of price.

Training: Included with software implementation.

Customer contact: Contact Dave Debert, support@serenic.com or (877) 426-5385.

Web site: www.serenic.com.



Advanced Micro Solutions Inc.

1099-Etc with A-T-F Payroll supports the filing of W-2 and 1099 forms. The A-T-F payroll option prepares payrolls on an after-the-fact or before-the-fact basis. A forms option includes the same forms as the A-T-F payroll option with additional federal and state payroll forms.

Year introduced: 1985.

Current version: 2005 V. D.1.

Recent notable enhancements: Added 941 e-filing and electronic signature capability. Increased number of user-defined fields from 30 to 40. Added many new state income tax withholding forms.

Pricing: Avg. price per module - $75 to $105; $405 for all modules.

Maint./support: Free with product purchase.

Training: Via built-in tutorial.

Customer contact: Kyle McCorkle, product support director, kyle@1099-etc.com or (405) 340-0697.

Web site: www.1099-etc.com.

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