ACCA opens registration for two new exams

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The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants announced Tuesday that registration is now open for two new exams that will debut in September 2018 – the Strategic Business Leader and Strategic Business Reporting exams.

Starting on February 6, ACCA students can register for the new tests which are part of the Strategic Professional level of the ACCA Qualification. The exams were built, in part, with employer feedback, aiming to give ACCA students another future-forward edge in an ever-changing business landscape.

"Strategic Professional integrates deep, broad and relevant technical expertise with ethics and professional skills, giving students the forward-thinking strategic abilities and advanced skill-set modern professional accountants need to shape the future of global business," stated ACCA director of professional qualification Judith Bennett. "Since consulting with over 2000 C-Suite executives and accountants worldwide, we’ve been on a journey to ensure students become the strategic, forward-thinking professionals equipped with the skills needed by employers."

The Strategic Business Leader exam reflects a true-to-life case study, with special attention on leadership and fusing both technical and professional skills. The Strategic Business Reporting exam primarily tests student judgment on financial reporting principles and practices.

The ACCA has also recently introduced its new Ethics and Professional Skills Module, available to students to better prepare them for the Strategic Professional sittings.

"We’ve been working with our approved content partners to ensure all the study materials are available," Bennett added. "We are also working with tutors so that they are trained to support students towards success. We recommend that all students preparing for Strategic Business Leader study with an approved learning provider (ALP) as we believe the learning of professional skills can be greatly enhanced by the broad and discursive nature of group learning."

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