AuditFile offers report writer add-on for Word

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AuditFile has introduced a free add-in report writer tool for Microsoft Word that works with the company’s audit automation software.

The AuditFile Report Writer Toolbox helps audit and assurance professionals link from financial statements, reports, schedules and other workpapers directly to relevant data in the AuditFile trial balance tool.

The add-on tool extends AuditFile’s existing integration with Microsoft Office. AuditFile joined the Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program last year, and integrated with Microsoft Office Online, along with a similar add-in for Excel. The new tool works with Word 2016 or later for PC, Word for Mac, and Word Online. AuditFile users can add the AuditFile Report Writer Toolbox from the Add-Ins tab within Word.

“This tool builds on our integration with Microsoft Office, as we continuously innovate to give audit professionals flexible solutions that match how they work today and how they will adapt to meet future demands,” said AuditFile COO Kevin Bong in a statement. “Customers can choose to use AuditFile’s built-in, one-click report builder for basic financials, or use one of our add-in tools to design their own custom reports in Word and Excel.”

Users can connect data from trial balances and lead sheets to Word so they can generate custom financial statements and reports in AuditFile. They can also create a library of customized templates that connect to data in AuditFile, including prior- and current-year final account balances, prior-year and current-year final lead sheet balances, and program area balances (such as cash, accounts receivable, investments and other items). Users can then create and customize reports and other workpapers from templates within AuditFile using the Office Online integration built into the system.

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