relaunches accountant resource center

Register now, a payments platform popular among accounting software users, has relaunched its accountant resource center with an expanded library of content which offers actionable training, templates and advice in areas including internal and external product training, sales and marketing and client onboarding.

The company also launched two new accounting education webinar series.

The available resources include templates for email campaigns, presentations, blog posts, sales brochures and videos, with most materials available for co-branding or white-labeling and customizable to a firm’s needs. Partnering with its accounting client advisory council, identified and created materials for six primary content categories for the new resource center:

  1. Training for accountants
  2. Marketing tools and advice
  3. Sales tools and advice
  4. Setting up new clients
  5. Training new clients
  6. Additional resources

The accountant resource center is available to accounting firm clients immediately, and is accessible directly from the console under the “Resources” tab. New firms interested in learning more about, its partner program and the resources it provides for business expansion can register for a free trial at

The first webinar series, held on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. PT, provides an orientation and Q&A. The second webinar series, held on Thursdays also at 10 a.m. PT, focuses on how clients can leverage features such as automating payables and using the mobile app. The webinars are free of charge and accountants as well as clients may attend.

“The accountant resource center was expanded to simplify onboarding and training of new clients,” said Jane Willis, vice president of accountant marketing, in a statement. “It provides turnkey sales and marketing tools for small firms with limited resources, as well as content that can easily be integrated into the marketing programs of larger firms.”

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