Releases Bookkeeping Accelerator Program has released its new Bookkeeping Accelerator Program, which aims to help bookeepers boost their businesses.

The program, which is open to all accountant program members, shares best practices, tips and practical advice to help bookkeeping firms enhance productivity, internal controls and client accountability while accelerating the growth of their practice.

The educational programming, created by president of Think Leader Consulting Inc. Judie McCarthy, includes webinars and hands-on consulting.

“We want to help firms elevate their experience even more and learn how to use the service to its fullest extent for even more meaningful benefits. That’s where the Bookkeeping Accelerator Program and Judie McCarthy step in,” said Bob Lewis, senior director of channels and alliances for, in a statement. “Most firms know they need to transition their practice to the cloud and offer outsourced accounting services, such as bill payment, to more clients. Judie is going to share her knowledge and help them put plans in place to make it happen.”

“Accounting professionals often seek out cloud services like to help solve a particular pain point or challenge. Once they have implemented a solution, they may not always realize the additional benefits that it can provide,” added McCarthy. “ can make a substantial positive impact on accounting operations, and I will share insight into higher levels of functionality including workflows, automation and advanced features.”

There will also be growth accelerator consulting sessions for qualified firms that will examine current client service activities and explore how and where can make the biggest impact. These sessions will include developing a project plan outline to help firms achieve their goals. customers can learn more by contacting their account manager.

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