BizEquity Launches Online Valuation Tool for Accountants

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Business valuation knowledge and big data provider BizEquity has launched Accountant Office, an online tool that lets accountants and business advisors streamline and enhance the valuation process.

Accountant Office gives advisors a dedicated platform that harnesses sophisticated algorithms and big data to let them value client businesses much more quickly, accurately and cheaply than traditional offline business valuation firms. It also includes a comprehensive set of business valuation tools.

“Accountants are vital advisors for all business owners. Unfortunately, today most accountants are viewed solely for their tax planning practices and not for their business advisory capabilities,” said BizEquity founder and CEO Michael Carter in a statement. “Through Accountant Office, BizEquity is able to put the power of big data and cloud based valuation in their hands to offer this service more effectively and efficiently, enabling them to demonstrate their value through a more comprehensive offering.”

“In many cases accountants are the last line of defense and knowledge for many small businesses. Business valuation is the most important question for most business owners to know, and through Accountant Office, BizEquity makes it easy,” said BizEquity co-chairman Clarence Davis.

BizEquity has valued more than 29.4 million businesses worldwide to date, with revenue ranging from $35,000 to $375 million. It has also been granted seven patents for its revolutionary cloud-based and big data-enabled platform.

Accountant Office will be distributed exclusively in the U.S. by PrimePay, the nation’s largest privately owned payroll company with a network of over 10,000 accountants.

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