BQE Software releases Core HR

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BQE Software, which makes accounting and project management software, has released a new HR module in its Core platform. Core HR provides benefit tracking, salary history tracking, employee journal and incident tracking, certification, awards, paid-time off and employee reviews.

The new offering comes shortly after the release of Core Intelligence, a voice-enabled smart dashboard that plugs into accounting software. BQE is focusing on products that enable accountants and other business users to offer value-added services to their clients without sacrificing time.

Core HR automates operational tasks, people-related entries, and benefits management, which is meant to free up HR managers' time. The software also provides secure storage and retrieval of information from employee records, documents, and forms, aimed at helping companies remain compliant.

Core HR also connects with the project management and accounting data already found within Core to help employers see salary history, benefits, and the full-year cost of each employee to get deeper insights. They can then compare this cost to the utilization rates, realization rates, and effective bill rates for each employee to determine how an employee affects the firm’s financial health.

“With Core HR, we have really eliminated paper files and streamlined employee record keeping so you have the right documentation available to you at any time, and most importantly, in one platform,” said Shafat Qazi, CEO and founder of BQE Software, in a statement. “Core now also serves as not only your business partner but your HR partner. Our goal with Core is to free up hours of time for all our users within every function of the business so you can focus on profits and grow your people.”

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