Corporate tax platform provider Bigcontrols updates software

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Bigcontrols, which makes a cloud-based tax technology platform for corporate tax credits and incentives, has updated its principal product to include new data visualization, enhanced email notifications, and modern reporting functionality. The new release is designed to help tax teams and their business unit counterparts with workflow automation.

The solution now integrates an API for geo-mapping a company’s global real estate footprint in one map view. Users can click on a facility location marker to view high-level information about both the facility, as well as all tax credits and incentives that are being managed at that location. Additional hyperlinks take the user deeper into the product for detailed information on both locations and incentives.

A new Compliance Calendar displays a user’s approaching incentive compliance responsibilities in a customizable calendar view. This new feature also allows users to navigate backwards to view missed compliance responsibilities, and forward to see those which are upcoming.

The Bigcontrols platform has always included email notifications for actions taken by users like creating new incentives or re-assigning ownership to other users; and automated notifications for out-of-compliance incentives and updated regulatory statutes. The email feature has now been updated to provide notifications that relate to filing deadlines or other user-generated tasks. It also include invite attachments that can be added to a user’s MS Outlook or Mac iCal desktop calendars.

New reporting functionality now allows users to export all custom reports in three different file formats: CSV, PDF, PNG. Power users can export to CSV file format in order to extract data and further analyze it. Other executives can use the PDF export to pull information into visual reports that can be dropped into a larger department or committee report. The PNG export can be used to insert specific data visuals into larger reports for audit committee or board meetings.

“We’re constantly working with our customers and partners to incorporate their feedback and improve our product to meet their everyday needs,” said Scott Nelson, founder and CEO of Bigcontrols, in a statement.

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