Crowe Horwath releases suite of apps for Microsoft Dynamics

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Chicago-based firm Crowe Horwath has released seven new apps for Microsoft Dynamics AX and the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The tools are aimed at helping client companies improve efficiency, processes and customer interactions. The apps are specifically tailored to clients in the manufacturing and distribution space.

Crowe Horwath was ranked no. 8 on Accounting Today’s 2017 Top 100 Firms list.

“Recurring tasks can eat up a lot of time over the course of a year, so we’re using technology to automate different processes,” said Simon Riley, manufacturing and distribution performance consulting principal at Crowe. “Making these small investments today can have a big overall impact on your business – allowing your people to focus on fulfilling their customers’ needs instead of spending their time clicking buttons, dealing with exceptions or calculating data. We’re excited to continue bringing to market apps that work alongside the Dynamics 365 platform to help increase revenue, reduce costs and improve asset utilization.”

The new apps are:

  • The Crowe Sales Status Workbench, which helps companies respond to customer needs and proactively manage the demand fulfillment process with a 360-degree view of sales orders in a centralized workbench. “A manufacturer mentioned to me that these days he is obsessed with customer service and needs to find ways to help his staff provide better service. This app centralizes the sales process, allowing the staff to deliver an exceptional customer experience,” added Tony Barnes, an enterprise solutions specialist at Crowe.
  • The Crowe Purchase Status Workbench, which helps maintain inventory levels across the organization to reduce costs. The workbench provides instant visibility to all purchase order lines in a single view for the entire organization, including the procurement department, the shop floor and customer service representatives.
  • The Crowe Accounts Payable Workbench, which streamline the invoicing process by providing access to invoices across Dynamics AX companies in a centralized workbench. Users can look up full transaction history by company; including invoice, payment and purchase order details, and product receipts; and export invoice details.
  • The Crowe Production Scheduling Workbench, via which users can view production job statuses. This app allows users to sequence and schedule production jobs from a single, easy-to-use form. It enables job scheduling and releasing of production orders directly from the workbench, and provides a view of jobs that still need to be reviewed by the production planner. It offers capacity reporting with drill-down capabilities, meant to facilitate better decision-making in the scheduling process.
  • The Crowe Ledger Allocation Manager, which is designed to reduce the time required to create and execute allocations and enable more accurate business segment financial reporting. This app automates processes to create, assign and manage allocations at the company, business unit, cost center or department level.
  • The Crowe Ledger Period Manager, designed to minimize the time required to manage the period opening and closing process, especially for organizations with multiple companies. This app can create a schedule to automate the opening and closing of periods, assign a calendar to individual companies to enable period openings and closings to be automated, and grant or restrict period access based on department or user group.
  • The Crowe T-Account Visualizer helps manage critical financial data by providing a single view of credits and debits across accounts in a standard format. Users can access credit and debit information, investigate transaction details within the app and color-code posting types for data retrieval and improved productivity.

Organizations that use Microsoft Dynamics may use these add-on apps for an annual subscription cost. For more information on Crowe Apps for Microsoft Dynamics, click here.

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