Deloitte gifts $25K to Ohio CPA Foundation to promote diversity

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The Ohio Society of CPAs announced on Monday a new partnership with Deloitte, in which the Big Four firm has gifted $25,000 to the Society's Ohio CPA Foundation with the goal of further diversifying the accounting field in the state.

Already a profession wide-effort, Deloitte’s gift will go towards making accounting career paths more known to diverse students and hopefully start them on their way towards a degree and CPA licensure.

“OSCPA and The Ohio CPA Foundation are squarely focused on the goal of building a strong and diverse accounting workforce in Ohio,” stated Scott Wiley, OSCPA president and CEO. “Deloitte’s generous gift will help us tell a positive story about the future of accounting to students who are at critical decision-making junctures in choosing a career path.”

The Ohio CPA Foundation oversees similar outreach programs such as ACAP-Ohio, a summer business program for minority high school students, and the Accounting Careers Leadership Academy, which looks to prepare various business majors for the early days in their careers.

“Collaborating with organizations like The Ohio CPA Foundation, which share our commitment, allows us to make an even bigger impact on students’ futures and our business,” said Jamey Halsey, partner at Deloitte, per a statement. “Today, students participate in ACAP-Ohio or the Accounting Careers Leadership Academy; tomorrow, they bring their skills, confidence, knowledge and leadership to Deloitte.”

For more on the Ohio CPA Fondation, head to OSCPA's site here.

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