Expensify adds 15K customers, plans Portland office

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Expensify, a San Francisco-based provider of an eponymous expense management app, has reported adding 15,000 customers in the United States this year, and is opening an office in Portland, Ore.

The company is currently hiring for the Portland office, but does not have a timeline for when the location will be up and running.

Additionally, Expensify has modified the appearance of its mobile app slightly, moving the icons from the bottom to the top left in a “hamburger” style menu - three stacked lines that expand when tapped. The idea behind the redesign of the user interface is to hide the expense, reports and trip list behind an unobtrusive menu icon, because users should very seldom have to look at them as Expensify’s AI platform is designed to continually keep track of those reports.

Expensify has also renamed its delegated access feature, where a user can access another user’s account to help them with any issues, from Wingman to Copilot.

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