Grant Thornton joins ServiceNow Partner Program

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Chicago-based accounting firm Grant Thornton has joined the ServiceNow Services Partner Program, to offer its cybersecurity capabilities to its middle-market clients.

ServiceNow offers a technology platform to “servitize” business offerings, i.e., enabling companies to offer everything-as-a-service.

Jeff Recor, principal in Grant Thornton’s Cyber Risk Advisory Services practice, said, “[The partnership] provides an opportunity to advise companies to answer two key questions: Do they understand what needs to be protected? And are they effectively utilizing their systems and assets?”

Grant Thornton has experiencing advising clients on governance, risk and compliance (GRC) needs, and plans to combine this offering with ServiceNow’s cybersecurity offerings. The firm’s approach will be to provide a view into risk by analyzing a company’s current cybersecurity operations and third-party solutions, and then pull them into ServiceNow’s structured-response engine, which is designed to use intelligent workflows, automation, and other tools to prioritize and resolve security threats.

“It’s about understanding assets, risks and controls – along with incident data from existing security tools,” said Vishal Chawla, national managing principal for Grant Thornton’s Cyber Risk Advisory Services practice, in a statement. “By starting with the assets – not just the rules – companies can enjoy improved security at lower costs and in a resource-efficient way.”

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