Intuit Integrates QBO with Bigcommerce, Shopify

Intuit announced two new QuickBooks Online integrations with ecommerce companies Bigcommerce and Shopify to provide accounting and bookkeeping for businesses selling on these platforms.

The integrations will automatically update and transfer invoices, expenses and other financial data for merchants on both the Bigcommerce and Shopify.

Both integrations will feature seamless data updates with the elimination of manual reconciliation of sales deposits, bank fees and sales tax. They will also provide greater sales transaction accuracy, with the ability to automatically aggregate sales data into QuickBooks Online, and an up-to-date view of business performance that includes the generation of key reports.

“Both Intuit and Bigcommerce develop technology that makes our clients’ lives easier, and this partnership will help Bigcommerce merchants simplify accounting with the help of QuickBooks Online,” stated Avi Golan, vice president and general manager of the Intuit Developer Group, regarding the Bigcommerce integration. “Merchants taking advantage of this integration will save time once spent on accounting, and will be able to keep their focus on running their business.”

“Bigcommerce is focused on bringing e-commerce to every retail business owner, and we’re always looking for partners who share our vision, easily integrate with our open platform, and bring best-in-class expertise to our merchants” stated Melanie Kalemba, senior vice president of sales and strategic business development at Bigcommerce. “The retail industry functions online, in physical stores and everywhere in between. Together with Intuit, we’re working to connect those channels to make business more efficient.”

With this partnership, Bigcommerce has been selected as the preferred commerce provider for existing and new Intuit customers, with Bigcommerce retailers in the U.S. to be the first to integrate QuickBooks Online from their store. Support for merchants in Canada, the U.K. and Australia will be available in the coming months.

Intuit’s Shopify integration gives priority access of QuickBooks Online to the commerce company’s more than 150,000 merchants.

“Delivering a seamless integration between QuickBooks Online and Shopify makes it easy for businesses to automatically reconcile sales data,” started Golan. “This is the latest example of how we’ve turned QuickBooks Online into the world’s leading small business cloud platform, delivering an ecosystem of integrated tools and services. We want to empower business owners to spend less time balancing the books and more time focused on what they love about running their business.”

“We are excited to be partnering with QuickBooks to provide the tools and resources needed for small and medium-sized business to efficiently handle all of their accounting needs,” stated Harley Finkelstein, chief platform officer at Shopify. “Many of our merchants are not necessarily experts on bookkeeping. That is why this integration is so important to the success of their businesses. It’s seamless, efficient and simple, allowing them to focus on the success of their commerce stores.”

Both companies’ merchants will also have access to QuickBooks Payments. 

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