Intuit ProConnect Group introduces cloud hosting for ProSeries and Lacerte

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Accounting software giant Intuit has introduced new cloud-hosting capabilities for Lacerte and ProSeries products, in partnership with Right Networks, which has provided cloud hosting for Intuit products for almost two decades.

The new offerings, named Hosting for Intuit ProSeries and Hosting for Intuit Lacerte, will allow users of each suite to eliminate on-site servers if they so wish, storing their data offsite with a full-service provider of access and security. Cloud hosting also enables tax professionals using ProSeries and Lacerte to access their software from anywhere, securely. The cloud-hosting solutions offer automatic backups and software updates.

“In today’s landscape, availability to the tools needed to deliver on client needs is paramount to the productivity of the firm and its employees,” stated Jorge Olavarrieta, vice president of product management at Intuit’s ProConnect Group. “As more accounting and tax professionals look to cloud-based technology, cloud hosting for Lacerte and ProSeries allows our customers to keep the desktop software they know and love, with the added benefit of on-the-go access.”

To ease the transition from desktop to hosted, U.S.-based experts for Lacerte and ProSeries are available to help with personalized training and customer support.

Intuit assures tax professionals that Hosting for ProSeries and Lacerte has gone through rigorous testing to help ensure the product has more safe guards than the current on-premise desktop solutions. Data is protected with enterprise firewalls, antivirus protection, encryption and off-site data storage to prevent data loss. Data is automatically backed up nightly and stored for 90 days, helping tax pros keep their clients’ data more secure and accessible.

“By partnering with Intuit ProConnect to integrate our cloud hosting platform with Lacerte and ProSeries, we have expanded the reach of the cloud’s flexibility, security and connected collaboration to tax professionals and firms handling returns of all sizes and complexities,” said Joel Hughes, CEO of Right Networks, in a statement. “The increased productivity delivered by our HyperRight platform helps firms scale more quickly and efficiently.”

Right Networks' cloud-hosting platform installation is handled by Intuit’s engineering team and the no-contract monthly pricing for both ProSeries and Lacerte is flexible for seasonal workers. Tax professionals may contact Intuit at 844-861-3603 to talk to a specialist.

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