IRS offers email option for tax payment notifications

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The Internal Revenue Service has introduced an email feature that enables taxpayers to get notifications in their personal email accounts about their payments using IRS Direct Pay or the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.

In an email to tax professionals Friday, the IRS said tax clients can now opt into the new system. “Your clients who use EFTPS can opt in to receive email notifications when they enroll or update their enrollments,” said the IRS. “Business clients making payments through a payroll service provider can also opt in to receive email notifications. If they opt in, they’ll receive email notifications for all payments made through EFTPS, including those made by their payroll service provider. Your clients who use Direct Pay can opt in to receive email notifications each time they make a payment. “

The IRS noted that to protect taxpayers, there will be no web links within the email notifications. “To avoid phishing scams, if taxpayers see links in an email appearing to be from the IRS about payments, they shouldn't click on those links,” the IRS warned.

The IRS asked tax professionals to let their clients know about the new option. The IRS launched the Direct Pay system in 2014, allowing taxpayers to pay their tax bills or make estimated tax payments directly from their checking or savings accounts without extra fees. The EFTPS system has been around since 1996 and became available through the web in 2001.

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