Karbon adds email comments to practice management solution

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Karbon has released new functionality for its practice management solution that lets users share and collaborate through email in new ways.

The new capability let users add comments against any email in Karbon to notify coworkers, and create conversations and collaboration around email entirely within a firm’s workflow.

Rather than forwarding emails or long email chains, users can now share information internally directly, with the context intact. They can also add documents or links to the comments for coworkers to collaborate on.

In a statement, Karbon CEO Stuart McLeod said, “This is fundamentally different not only to other practice management systems, but to how any organizational management system works. For the first time, the email is 100 percent integrated into the firm’s workflow.”

“Email has so many advantages, but the fundamental issues associated with it are dramatically affecting productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in accounting firms. Email commenting in Karbon changes this,” he added.

“This is a brand-new way to communicate, collaborate and work more effectively as a team” said Karbon vice president of product Sara Goepel in a statement. “Karbon customers already have visibility over all communication related to their clients and jobs, but this is much more effective way of collaborating together.”

For more details, visit karbonhq.com/email-comments.

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