LBMC introduces IT security risk assessment app

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Nashville-based CPA firm LBMC has introduced the application Ballast for organizations that have compliance requirements for information security risk assessments. Ballast automates the assessment process, and provides on-demand reporting.

Ballast was developed by the information security practice at LBMC. The tool is meant to eliminate the need for companies to track and consolidate multiple spreadsheets and provides real-time dashboard reporting so that less time is spent assessing and more time is spent managing risks.

Users can filter reports in Ballast based on geographical regions, brands, applications and vendors.

The tool also allows for changes while in use,. For example, a threat or control question can be added to a deployed assessment any time, and the assigned user will be notified that they have new threats and controls to review and complete. Assessment status and percent complete are dynamically updated, based on the number of threats and controls added to the assessment.

“We are excited to hear from our customers that Ballast is indeed fulfilling our vision for the product,” stated Mark Fulford, a shareholder at LBMC. “Specifically, automating and simplifying tedious compliance tasks and most importantly bringing business value to something that has historically been a check-the-box exercise. Because the platform is so flexible, customers in a variety of industries are incorporating Ballast into the enterprise risk management programs for internal and third party risk.”

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