Look Out for Their Health

Wellness programs and other ways of encouraging healthy behavior are becoming de rigeur among the Best Firms to Work For.

Leading the charge is some version of the Fitbit Challenge – over a quarter of the 2016 Best Firms either subsidized or flat-out gave all their employees the step-tracking devices, and then use them to encourage staff to walk and exercise more. And while gym memberships are frequently supported, more and more are also reporting having some kind of fitness room on-site, so that employees can work out without leaving the office.

And while few firms have given up on providing lots and lots (and lots) of food during tax season, many are making a point of adding healthier options like fruit to balance some of the donuts and chips.

Education plays a major role in developing a healthier workplace. Chicago’s Horwich Coleman Levin, for instance, brings in speakers to discuss health-related topics like nutrition, ergonomics, and exercises employees can do at their desks, while St. Louis’ Anders CPAs has a nutritionist in several times a year to share healthy eating tips (and prepare smoothies!).

Going even further, Florida’s Ennis, Pellum & Associates works with a third-party provider to offer employees personal health assessments, annual biometric screenings, one-on-one health discussions with certified wellness coaches, and more.

Whether it’s creating a step challenge, sponsoring a firm softball team, teaching staff about options for healthier living or just cutting down on sugary snacks, anything you can do to create a healthier office won’t just help your employees – it will cut down on sick days, boost productivity, and might just help cut down skyrocketing health care costs.

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