Michael Jackson Doctor Faces Tax Lien

Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who attended Michael Jackson during his last days, is facing a $21,728 tax lien from the state of California.

The state filed the tax lien on June 16, only nine days before Jackson died, according to the Detroit News. The address listed on the lien is the $1.1 million Las Vegas home that authorities have searched in the days after Jackson’s death.

The doctor is said to be under investigation by authorities for providing drugs that may have led to the pop star’s death. Murray has reportedly admitted to authorities that he administered a powerful sedative, propofol, also known as Diprivan, on the day Jackson died.

Murray’s home is reportedly close to foreclosure after he fell behind more than $100,000 since his last mortgage payment. The doctor has experienced tax problems in the past. He filed for bankruptcy in 1992 and had a series of tax liens filed against him in both California and Arizona between 1993 and 2003.

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