National Society of Accountants elects new leaders for 2018-2019

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The National Society of Accountants named a new president, two vice president and a secretary-treasurer for 2018-2019.

They were elected to office at the NSA’s 73rd Annual Convention last month in Minneapolis. The NSA’s new president is Christine Freeland, a principal at Christine Z. Freeland, CPA, PC of Chandler, Arizona. “Accounting and tax professionals face many issues and concerns as we work to improve the process of tax preparation to help individuals and small businesses across the nation,” she said. “My vision is to ensure NSA remains a strong and relevant association that is able to progress and make decisions quickly, effectively and thoughtfully in our rapidly changing world of accounting, tax and technology.”

An NSA member since 2002, Freeland has been active on the national level, having served as NSA first vice president, 2017-2018, NSA second vice president, 2016-2017, and as governor of District X for the NSA Board of Governors. In addition, she served on numerous NSA committees including two years as administrative chair of the NSA Leadership Development Committee. On the state and local level, Freeland was president of the Arizona Association of Accounting and Tax Professionals. She has also served in a number of other leadership positions before being named president.

Elected as first vice president was Joel Grandon of Joel Grandon Accounting Services Inc. in Marion, Iowa. “It is imperative that we, as an organization, look for innovative ways to spread our message and encourage participation on all levels and by all members,” said Grandon. “This means helping our members grow in their knowledge and skills and helping NSA grow in both numbers and influence. “If we continue to drive change in our industry, we will attract new members with new ideas and the energy to implement those ideas.”

The new second vice president at the NSA is Curtis Lee of C.B. Lee & Company in Raleigh, North Carolina. “I believe in who we are as the National Society of Accountants, I believe in our mission and vision, and I believe in working together to grow our association,” said Lee. “NSA is undergoing many changes and we all need to stay aware of the organization’s status as the leader for the ‘main street practitioner’ and the positive impact we can have on and for our members.”

The NSA’s new secretary-treasurer is Ruth Godfrey of Godfrey and Hardy Tax & Business Services, Inc. in Upland, California. “The new tax law that took effect in January presents unprecedented changes and we need to work together to ensure that the tax paying public is well informed of these changes and positioned to benefit from them,” she said. “I understand what it means to work as a team, and I am excited to be a part of the NSA team that will strive to grow and better this organization.”

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