NCCPAP and Texas Association of CPAs join forces

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The National Conference of CPA Practitioners and the Texas Association of CPAs announced a strategic alliance at TACPA’s spring meeting on Friday.

The alliance will give TACPA access to NCCPAP’s resources and national reach, while giving the latter a major base in a state it had not been very active in recently. Both groups focus on serving CPAs in public practice at small firms.

“In simple terms, they’re going to be functioning similar to our different chapters, except that they’re going to maintain their own identity,” NCCPAP president Stephen Mankowski told Accounting Today. “They want to leverage NCCPAP from an infrastructure perspective – for instance, they’ll be able to make major enhancements on their site, like forums, better calendars, and tracking of continuing education, which are all items we have in place already on our site.”

“The advantage to them is that it gives them a little bit more credibility, and larger presence than just a small group in Texas,” he continued. “They can now say, ‘We have NCCPAP -- we all care about small firms, and we’re all going to work together to advocate for small firms.’”

“TACPA has had a working relationship with NCCPAP since 2004. It only makes sense for us that we now have this strategic alliance,” said TACPA president Frank Sands in a statement.

TACPA was formed in 2002 and has approximately 180-200 members across Texas, including in Houston, Dallas, Austin and other major cities. NCCPAP has chapters in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida, as well as individual members in Chicago and California.

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