NetSuite introduces SuiteSuccess, a customer engagement methodology

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NetSuite has introduced SuiteSuccess, a customer engagement methodology aimed at taking companies “from zero to cloud in 100 days.”

The initiative was officially launched during SuiteWorld 2017, held April 24-27 in Las Vegas.

SuiteSuccess is meant to completely "unify" NetSuite’s offerings and business optimization methods, Jim McGeever, Oracle + NetSuite executive vice president, said during the conference. It is essentially a growing set of pre-built solutions highly customized to different industries, microverticals and geographic regions. So far, NetSuite has put 300 customers through the program, and any new customers that come from the specific industries SuiteSuccess has been launched for will automatically go through the program.

SuiteSuccess rearranges NetSuite's way of engaging with customers into to four areas of support. First is the actual suite of products that support businesses, such as ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), PSA (professional services automation), omnichannel commerce, HR and business intelligence built on the NetSuite cloud platform. Second, customers have access to industry-specific tools such workflows, KPI reports, dashboards and metrics. Third is the promise of customers becoming cloud-based in 100 days, which the company ties to its new industry-tailored way of presenting tools, which is meant to increase efficiency of implementation. Finally, SuiteSuccess promises continuous support and customers always being on the latest release.

So far, SuiteSuccess has been launched for eight different industries (and 12 microverticals within these): Advertising, media and publishing; financial technology; manufacturing; nonprofit; retail; service-based businesses; software/internet; and wholesale distribution.

Craig West, Vice President of Alliances and Channels for NetSuite, said that the company plans to introduce “partner-owned” SuiteSuccess down the line, so that NetSuite’s software partners can use the methodology in their own chosen verticals.

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