New AI-powered document exchange solution Booqee comes to U.S.

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A new AI-powered document exchange tool, Booqee, is making its way to America from Belgium. The app developers are heavily focused on Booqee’s user interface to drive client compliance and engagement. Booqee is by default white-labeled, and made to integrate with whichever tax software a firm uses.

“We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to focus on every little step in the process of the client-firm collaboration — to optimize it in a way that makes it hassle free,” Mattias Geusens, co-founder of Booqee, told Accounting Today. “We’re bringing a very user friendly software that makes it a no-brainer for the end user to use the app, and from firm side, it connects to software they already use so it doesn't require any big organizational changes and can leverage some quick wins with quite some impact.”

The “intelligent” aspect of Booqee learns from an accountant or tax payer's habits. Proprietary programming within the app helps the accountant match Booqee’s workflow to their workflow as the app is used. Over time, the app will learn what additional information the accountant requires, for instance, and ask the client so the accountant doesn’t have to.

“No matter what document format, it’s standardized, organized and pre-assessed so Booqee can route it to the relevant department and always in the same, consistent way,” Geusens explained. “The more a user uses it, the more Booqee can predigest for them the relevant routing.”

In Belgium, Booqee just closed its initial round of seed funding of $350,000, from Belgian investor firm Seeder Fund, as well as private investors including Frank Verhaegen, former chairman of Deloitte Belgium.

“We’re seeing great traction with accounting firms of all sizes and across tax borders,” Geusens said of Booqee’s adoption. “In the coming months, several reputable accounting firms in the U.S. and Belgium will start boosting their paperless workflows thanks to Booqee.”

Geusens said that certain top 50 U.S. firms are currently implementing Booqee, but would not disclose their names.

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