New Xero add-on ReportAmigo aims to make reports more interesting

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Born out of an internal challenge at SaaS accelerator ChimiChurri, ReportAmigo is a new reporting tool released for Xero that addresses the fundamental problem of getting people interested in accounting reports.

The core functions of ReportAmigo are to distribute cloud-based reports to stakeholders over email and text messages. The reports can be configured to be sent on any schedule, including daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly; and users can curate the individuals or groups to whom the reports are sent. Because they are cloud based, the reports can be viewed on most devices with an internet connection. ReportAmigo also allows users to measure engagement, so report creators can see who is and how many people are opening the report.

Sebastian Brocher, founder of ChimiChurri, found that his company’s internal processes for creating, sharing and collaborating on reports was inefficient and arbitrary. Brocher was sending monthly reports to his equity partner via email and in pdf format, which was difficult to read and not easily adaptable across devices.

“How do I make this a better experience?” Brocher said that he asked himself. “If I had a larger company, how would I update my stakeholders on financial information? Solving our own problem – that’s how it started.”

Brocher decided to develop the reporting tool for Xero because that was the accounting system ChimiChurri used in-house.

Brocher said that he was inspired by how company messaging platforms such as Slack help teams work more efficiently, so he incorporated the ability for employees to collaborate on the reports by writing comments that in turn can then be addressed by other people viewing the report, or the report’s creator. Because they are cloud-based, the comments are updated on the reports in real time.

ReportAmigo is available on the Xero App Marketplace. ChimiChurri is offering a 14-day free trial and a 25 percent early adopter discount for the first two months after release starting today. For more information on pricing, click here.

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