New York Exempts CPAs from Preparer Registration

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New York - A bill signed into law by New York StateGovernor David Paterson provides an exemption from the state's new tax preparerregistration requirements for CPAs, including those who hail from outside thestate.

Under the registration requirements, tax preparers arerequired to register with the state tax department and pay a $100 fee startingDec. 31. The New York State Society of CPAs had advocated for an exemption forall CPAs from the registration requirements and had earlier succeeded ingetting CPAs who were licensed in the state from being subject to therequirements.

The new law, which is intended to help close the state'sbudget gap, clarifies that even CPAs who are licensed out of state, but whofile New York State returns, are also exempt. The provision also applies topublic accountants, attorneys and the employees of CPA, public accounting andlaw firms. 

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