Oversight Systems Launches Insights On Demand for P2P

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Operational analysis software company Oversight Systems launched Insights On Demand for Procure-to-Pay, a web-based application focused on automated analysis of corporate payment transactions to prevent and detect fraud, misuse and other improper payments resulting from errors.

Insights On Demand for P2P can be used with current invoicing and payment systems as a preventive measure for fraud and payment recovery, using advanced data analysis to identify: ghost vendors, mistaken payments for the wrong amounts, payments destined for the wrong vendors, duplicate payments to the same vendor, and payments outside of normal spending patterns for particular vendors, purchasers and items.

Enabling companies to stop improper payments and address master vendor file issues, Insights On Demand for P2P is currently offered as a free trial to prospective customers.

“We are pleased to build on our success and extend our popular family of Insights On Demand to offer a new family of Insights specifically designed for procure-to-pay and shared services organizations,” stated Oversight CEO Patrick Taylor. “The P2P family of Insights provide exceptional value and cost savings to our clients.”

Insights On Demand for P2P, and application for the free trial, is available now on OversightSystems.com.

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