Qvinci receives Australian patent for financial data consolidation software

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Qvinci Software, which makes cloud-based financial data consolidation software, has been awarded a patent for its technology in Australia.

This patent marks the Austin, Texas-based company’s first entry into the Australian market.

Qvinci’s solutions integrate with QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB and Excel to consolidate financial data and perform syncing, mapping, reporting, business intelligence and workflow management challenges for the accounting, franchising and multi-unit business markets.

In terms of practice management, Qvinci’s technology is designed to help firms increase billing realization, improve staff utilization and provide value-added consulting services to clients through the consolidated reporting capabilities.

“This first-of-many overseas patents underscores Qvinci’s strong commitment to creating and improving technologies that solve complex financial data challenges on a secure and near real-time basis for customers all over the world,” said Qvinci’s CEO, Brad Adams in a statement.

While Qvinci does have customers that have locations overseas, the company has mainly focused on the United States market for the 10 years it’s been in operation.

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