Red Wing Software updates accounting and payroll software

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Red Wing Software has released version 11 of its accounting and payroll platform CenterPoint.

CenterPoint Accounting, and the versions of the accounting software for the agriculture and nonprofit sector, have gained new features such as a function for customers to import and maintain screen data from outside sources. The user interface has also been modified to allow greater flexibility in reporting, the company claims, and known software issues have been addressed.

CenterPoint Time Clock now allows employees to request time off, and CenterPoint Payroll now has the ability to configure the automatic calculation of overtime pay at various rates by period or day, and break pay adjustments can now include the earnings for a specific state.

“Version 11 includes over 150 changes that span our entire CenterPoint product offering of agriculture, business, fund, payroll and depreciation,” said Mike Zielski, product manager at Red Wing Software, in a statement. “Some of the big changes include interface changes to reporting and financial statements, adding robust overtime calculations to payroll, continuing to improve the CenterPoint Time Clock, and working towards opening the products to enhance import flexibility.”

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