Sage, Salesforce Partner to Offer Sage Life on Salesforce1

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Sage and Salesforce announced a strategic partnership to build new solution Sage Life on the Salesforce1 Platform, the CRM and enterprise cloud company’s Platform as a Service.

With Sage Life, optimized for mobile and social, the accounting and payroll software provider's small business customers can connect their customer, accounting, payroll and finance data in a single system available anytime, anywhere. The solution is fully customizable and cloud-based so it can be used on any device, including tablets and smart watches. Sage Life’s mobile control center enables employees to view data in real time, and has social networking capabilities to keep the relevant colleagues and customers connected.

“Together with Salesforce, Sage is shaping the future of small business,” stated Sage CEO Stephen Kelly. “Small business software no longer has to represent different systems or layers of complexity – it’ll be simple, collaborative, and real time. With Sage Life, we are delivering social, mobile, cloud-based innovation, powered by real-time accounting. Now running a small business can be as easy as updating your Facebook status.”

The Salesforce1 enterprise PaaS provides companies and developers with the capabilities to build social, mobile and connected apps.

“I’m excited about the opportunity this partnership creates for our customers,” stated Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO and chairman. “Together, Sage and Salesforce are empowering fast growing companies to run their businesses on the world’s  No. 1 enterprise cloud platform.”

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