Starbucks Led the Way on Employee Expense Reports

Coffee chain Starbucks ranked at the top of restaurant vendors listed by employees on expense reports, with Marriott dominating in the hotel category, Delta in the airline category, and Avis for car rentals.

The ranking come from travel and expense management provider Certify, which announced the results of its latest business spending report Thursday, covering the first quarter of 2013. 

The top-expensed vendors for the quarter include Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway, Marriott, Hampton Inn, Avis, Delta, United, Shell and Verizon.

Certify’s quarterly SpendSmart Report analyzes vendors, expense amounts and satisfaction rating data on business expenses collected directly from end users.  The report shows that breakfast was dominated by Starbucks, with 14.14 percent of expenses and averaging $7.86 per receipt.

For lunch, Subway beat McDonald’s to claim the top spot in the lunch category. Subway accounted for 3.11 percent of all lunch expenses, averaging $10.79 per receipt.

McDonald’s was the top dinner vendor, followed by Outback Steakhouse and Chili’s. Vendors with the highest average customer satisfaction rating include Chick-fil-A, Westin Hotels, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Whole Foods, Starbucks, USPS and Publix.

Most-Expensed Restaurants:
Starbucks:                        5.05 percent of expenses, averaging $9.03
McDonalds’s:                   2.83 percent, averaging $8.03
Subway:                            1.64 percent, averaging $14.01
Panera Bread:                  1.43 percent, averaging $35.99
HMS Host:                         1.33 percent, averaging $14.62

Most-Expensed Hotels
Marriott:                              8.95 percent of expenses, averaging $238.29
Hampton Inn:                    6.4 percent, averaging $198.70
Courtyard by Marriott:       6.2 percent, averaging $153.80
Holiday Inn:                       4.53 percent, averaging $149.99
Hilton:                                4.47 percent, averaging $177.80

Most Expensed Airlines
Delta:                                20.83 percent of expenses, averaging $373.80
United:                              13.02 percent, averaging $452.56
Southwest:                        9.04 percent, averaging $289.44
American:                          8.99 percent, averaging $355.44
US Airways:                       8.85 percent, averaging $268.02

Most Expensed Car-Rental Services
Avis:                                  17.4 percent of expenses, averaging $170.84
National:                           15.61 percent, averaging $177.86
Hertz:                                14.24 percent, averaging $243.84
Enterprise                         9.03 percent, averaging $193.02
Budget                              3.96 percent, averaging $172.60

Regional Highlights:

Chick-Fil-A beats McDonald’s as most expensed restaurant in Atlanta with 2.01 percent of meals compared to McDonald’s 1.85 percent.

In Boston, Dunkin Donuts approaches the popularity of Starbucks with 4.5 percent of meals, compared to Starbucks at 6.92 percent. Legal Seafoods takes third place with 3.5 percent of meals, averaging $67.59 per receipt.

Zip Car ranks as #6 rental car provider in Chicago, just after Enterprise, with 4.6 percent of rentals.

Starbucks beats McDonald’s in Dallas by more than double, with 8.98 percent of meals expenses compared to McDonald’s 3.27 percent. Starbucks was also rated higher with 4.2 stars compared to McDonald’s 4.0.

Los Angeles
Boingo Wireless claims 3.79 percent of general expenses in Los Angeles, the second-highest vendor among general expenses.

New York
Seamless claims 8.07 percent of all meals, with average expense amount of $29.27. Just behind Seamless, Starbucks claims second most expensed vendor for meals and takes the spot for highest rated vendor with a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

San Francisco
Square Inc. is reported as a vendor so many times in San Francisco that it claims top spot in the general category with 8.85 percent of general expenses.

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