Thomson Reuters releases Checkpoint Answer Path for state and local tax

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Thomson Reuters has released its Checkpoint Answer Path feature for its state and local tax research libraries.

The product was released last year for federal tax inquiries. That version is also being expanded to include orientation to business topics such as depreciation and amortization, business incentive credits, tax accounting, inventories, and C corporation, S corporation and partnership taxation.

Answer Path works by providing answers to questions, as well as a route for finding out more information or guidance should that be needed. Checkpoint Answer Path in the state and local tax libraries is designed to provide tax practitioners with answers related to state and local guidances and laws, with charts and overviews related to given topics.

Checkpoint is currently adding state and local library enhancements, including a sales taxability matrix now available as a document type, searchable for over 2,000 products and services; access to the third-party websites that host municipal codes for localities; and a new state search wizard that saves regularly searched groups of states for quicker repeat access.

Answer Path for Checkpoint State and Local Tax libraries is included with subscription to the Checkpoint suite. For more information, click here.

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