Tiffany Haddish: ‘Can you just say “Thank you,” IRS?’

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Comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish took to Instagram recently to complain that the Internal Revenue Service has lost its personal touch.

In a video posted late last week, the “Night School” star asked the IRS (and the California State Franchise Tax Board) why, even though she pays her taxes “on time every year all the time,” she never receives even the smallest token of appreciation – not a thank-you card, not a birthday card – nothing.

The video begins as a shout-out to the IRS and the State Franchise Tax Board, but Haddish can’t disguise the pain these two neglectful tax authorities have caused her, despite the vast sums she has sent them. (Estimates around the internet put her net worth at roughly $2 million.)

“You never, ever, ever, send me a thank-you card, or a birthday card, or a Christmas card, or a Hannukah card, or any kind of anything that says, ‘You know what, Tiffany – we appreciate that you’re out here busting your a--, making all this money and we’re taking about 51 percent of your money,” she says. "Can you just say ‘Thank you,’ IRS? Can I get a thank you? Because it hurts – it really hurts. So disrespectful.”

The post includes a number of hashtags; among them:

  • #AThankYouWouldBeNice
  • #AreWeMarried?
  • #WhyUDontComeHomeAtNightThen?

All kidding aside, it’s probably not a good time for Haddish to draw the attention of the IRS, considering that actor, producer and all-around mogul Tyler Perry recently gave her a brand-new Tesla as a gift, which we’re fairly sure is priced outside the annual gift tax exclusion amounts.

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