VSCPA outlines future in new initiative

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The Virginia Society of CPAs announced this week a new future-forward initiative for the Society and its members, dubbed "VSCPA2025." Taking hundreds of members' input and ideas, the plan looks to set the tone for what success will mean in the organization over the next eight years.

“Technological advances, the global economy, shifting demographics and changing market demands have placed us at a critical moment in the CPA profession,” stated VSCPA Board of Directors chair Staci Henshaw. “VSCPA2025 is a road map to ensure our profession and our members have the resources and knowledge needed to thrive in the future. And we have a new vision, mission and four bold strategies to ensure we succeed.”

The initiative is built upon four main objectives: "Create a culture of learning," "Drive innovation and vision," "Influence students to become CPAs," and "Advocate for members' interests." Helping members adapt to tech and business landscape changes, partnering with local colleges to promote the profession, and making CPAs concerns heard will all go towards making the 2025 plan a reality.

“We want our members to be indispensable in the business climate of the future,” said VSCPA president & CEO Stephanie Peters, per a statement. “That means not just adapting to technology, but also leveraging it to offer new, vital services. It means passing on the necessary knowledge to future generations, teaching them the skills they need and capitalizing on their unique perspective. It means working with legislators and regulators to shape the future of the profession. And it means helping students see the profession for the wonderful opportunity we know it to be.”
For more on VSCPA2025, head to the Society's site here.

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