Xero Completes Transition to Amazon Web Services

Xero has moved 59 billion records onto Amazon Web Services, completing its transition to the platform.

The move to AWS is part of Xero’s plan to scale to serve 1 million customers. The migration of more than 59 billion records amounts to more than 1.4 petabytes of data, and took approximately two years to complete.

“Our focus on completing a significant data migration to the AWS platform sets Xero up to deliver fast-paced innovation, leverage machine learning technology, improve margins, increase uptime and security and drive better business outcomes to help small businesses flourish,” said Xero chief platform and product officer Duncan Ritchie in a statement. “It is a huge achievement to get through this massive transition. We expect all business software vendors to re-platform over the next few years so they too may take advantage of the commoditized innovation services in the larger public cloud platforms.”

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