Accountants, take heart. If you’ve ever felt your career choice was undervalued, job search portal agrees, ranking the profession as the second most underrated job in a new report.

Placing just behind paralegal/legal assistant, the job of accountant joins 11 other professions that, according to, “may actually provide many more rewards than we ever imagined.”

“While terms like flashy, glitzy, glamorous and prestigious aren’t typically associated with our list of underrated jobs, these careers have some great advantages that are often overlooked,” said Tony Lee, publisher of “They’re professions that don’t woo people with the high salaries or notoriety, but instead have characteristics that make them especially worthy.”

According to, these 12 jobs typically have median-to-higher income levels, lower stress, lower environmental dangers, lower physical demands and lower than average unemployment rate. editors reviewed and rated their jobs-related data based on income, stress, danger, physical demands and outlook to create the list: 

1. Paralegal/Legal Assistant, average income $47,153.00

2. Accountant, average income $60,174.00

3. Loan Officer, average income $55,239.00

4. Market Research Analyst, average income $62,229.00

5. Software Engineer, average income $87,140.00

6. Computer Systems Analyst, average income $77,153.00

7. Insurance Agent, average income $46,342.00

8. Dietician, average income $52,127.00

9. Dental Hygienist, average income $67,107.00

10. Civil Engineer, average income $76,139.00

11. Physical Therapist, average income $74,104.00

12. Chiropractor, average income $68,358.00

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