Fifth graders at Brecksville-Broadview Heights Central School are getting a special treat from local CPAs today – they’re going to play the stock market and learn the risks and rewards of real-life investing.

As part of Accounting For Kids Day, a November initiative organized by members of The Ohio Society of CPAs, Cleveland-based Howard, Wershbale & Co. will teach how investing over the long term can pay big dividends.

Students will play an interactive game in which student chief executives and brokers learn how market fluctuations can affect their overall investment. The game supplements classroom curriculum by teaching the students how to make smart financial decisions and become savvy consumers.

“Accounting for Kids Day is fun and a great way for our firm to help kids understand early in life why it’s important to save for the future,” said Scott Filotei, senior accountant at HWCO. “Our goal is to help children grow into financially responsible adults who know how to manage their own money.”