With graduation fast approaching, an estimated 1.8 million students will earn their bachelor’s degrees in 201, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Using its database of more than 700 industries, Australian research company IBISWorld narrowed down the top nine industries for new graduates in 2015. These industries are characterized by strong employment growth, high average wages, and increasing revenue. Technological advancements, new regulations and growing demand from emerging economies are also main factors contributing to the positive outlooks for these industries.

At the forefront of IBISWorld's list was Accounting Services, with a projected revenue growth of 3.4% per year (on average), 3% employment growth per year (on average), and an average industry wage of $67,474.

"The Accounting Services industry presents a stable field for recent graduates, especially for accountants and auditors who will go on to earn statutory titles, such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA)," writes the author of the list Omar Khedr. "The industry is closely tied to the health of the overall economy, which has been accelerating in recent years."

The rest of the top industries were ranked as follows:

  • 1. Accounting Services
  • 2. Software Publishing
  • 3. Investment Banking and Securities Dealing
  • 4. Public Relations Firms
  • 5. Engineering Services
  • 6. Hospitals
  • 7. Management Consulting
  • 8. Semiconductor and Circuit Manufacturing
  • 9. Organic Chemical Manufacturing

 For the full rankings and more information, head to IBISWorld's site here.