American students have their own challenges when studying for the CPA Exam. But imagine being in a war torn country like Afghanistan – what would the difficulties be like then?

Take a look at today’s Inside Views, where Colin Davis, head of international communications for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in London talks about the triumph of 13 students who became the first group to graduate after completing their Certified Accounting Technician qualification.

Read about each student and what they’re doing below:

•    Nooruddin Oraal is working as an accounting specialist at the USAID in Kabul. While studying for his CAT Qualification, he is also a student of economics at Kabul University. Nooruddin’s long-term plans include qualifying with ACCA and to establish a tuition centre registered with ACCA to provide coaching to the students in Afghanistan. He is also a painter and enjoys doing Arabic calligraphy besides having interests in sports like football, cricket and snooker. 
•    Wahidullah Naseri is a finance manager at Ariana Financial Services which provides micro-finance facilities. Working in the micro-finance sector, Wahid is also involved in preparing financial reports for the donors, third parties and other share-holders. He says that the field of accounting is still in its early stages in Afghanistan and much needs to be done to bring professionalism into this sector, which is one of the reasons he chose ACCA as his career, which is internationally recognized as a global professional accountancy body.      
•    Bashir Ahmad Qadiri is currently working for Coordination of Afghan Relief (CoAR), a non-governmental organisation, as its finance manager. Bashir was motivated by his senior colleagues and other foreign staff working at his company who were also either members or students of ACCA. He says that ACCA was the first formal accounting qualification introduced in Afghanistan in 2005. By opting for CAT, he was also promoted from a clerk to an officer’s position and ultimately to a manager’s position recently.
•    Hamidullah works as an accountant at the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan. He feels that there is a tremendous amount of potential in the accounting field as there is shortage of accountants in the country. Hamidullah was enthusiastic about opting for CAT after he came to know that ACCA is the fastest growing accountancy body worldwide. He also took advantage of the ACCA resources, such as the Web site and kit revisions books, to help him during his studies in absence of good tuition providers in the country. After acquiring ACCA membership, Hamidullah plans to establish an audit firm.  
•    Hamed works for Zeeshan Ali & Co, Chartered Accountants as an Audit Assistant. After graduating, Hamed would like to use his skills to serve his country and to fill in the scarcity of good accounting professionals in the market. He advises other trainee accountants to complete their practical experience requirements as he feels that this would give maximum exposure to the trainees to improve their skills. Hamed also enjoys playing video games in his free time.  
•    Hamed Sabri works as an accountant at Etisalat Afghanistan, a telecom giant spread across Asia. After completing his bachelor’s in economics, he pursued his CAT qualification in hope for a career in accounting. After completing CAT, he is now studying for his ACCA qualification. Hamed says that qualifying CAT has helped him earn a promotion and he hopes to one day achieve his goal of becoming CFO of a reputable organization. He also likes to read books and listen to music in his spare time.  
•    Khalid Zarif is working as a deputy to advisor at the Sayed Jafar Sadat Bank. Khalid chose the field of accounting as his career because he always liked to work with numbers, figures and equations.  He is very pleased with ACCA, as he feels that it offers an updated curriculum and provides good support to the students. He says that by qualifying CAT, it has not only helped him in understanding financial statements but he is now confident enough to conduct auditing as well, if required. Khalid would one day like to become an accounting teacher coaching ACCA students. He would also like to establish an auditing firm.  
•    Mohammad Naeem is working at The American University of Afghanistan as a deputy director of finance. Naeem was always interested in pursuing careers to do with mathematics and accounting. He has also done a diploma in business administration and is currently studying for his ACCA qualification. Completing his CAT examinations helped him securing an excellent position at a reputable university.  Naeem’s future plans include completing his ACCA exams and opting for the MBA in Oxford Brookes University.  
•    Ahmad Zia Saraj works as a liaison officer at Manfred Gonzalez, a technical branch of German Embassy in Kabul. Ahmad’s main responsibility is to liaison with various Ministries of the Government of Afghanistan for technical requirements. He feels that the field of accountancy offer an individual to make a difference in the economic condition of a company or a country and he would like to contribute his part in making this difference. Ahmad intends to get further relevant experience and secure a managerial position in a reputable organization. In his spare time, he also likes to play soccer and cricket.
•    Qais Haidary works as a senior audit assistant at KPMG Afghanistan. He pursued a career in accountancy because of the increasing demand and growth of the profession in Afghanistan. He achieved recognition at his employer and also gained confidence in his work after completing his CAT qualification. He plans to become a Chartered Certified Accountant and grow in the field of accountancy. His hobbies include reading books and surfing the Internet.  
•    Lameah Wahab works as an accountant at Etisalat Afghanistan, a telecom giant spread across Asia. She is responsible for assisting the finance manager in preparing monthly accounts and reports for the head office in Middle East. She is also involved in asset management, calculating monthly depreciation and preparing tax schedules. She opted for the accountancy field seeing the scarcity of professional accountants in the market.  After completing CAT, she was promoted at her present designation and enjoys greater authority and responsibility.   
•    Ghalib Mansoor Ansari works at KPMG Afghanistan as an audit assistant. He was attracted towards the accounting profession because of the great demand and also because he had always wanted to be an auditor. He says that ACCA gave him the right opportunity with the required flexibility to make his wish come true. His ultimate goal is to be a successful Chartered Certified Accountant and enjoy the benefits of becoming an ACCA member. Ghalib likes playing cricket and would not miss watching any game on TV.