AICPA launches new cybersecurity resource center for CPAs

The AICPA recently announced the launch of their Cybersecurity Resource Center - an online resource meant to supply professionals with the most up to date cybersecurity news, information, events, and resources, developed by the AICPA.

With hacking and phishing scams aimed at nearly every business entity, the AICPA is looking to professionals to increase their security know-how for both themselves and their clients. "CPAs are well-positioned to take a leadership role on behalf of their clients or organizations by providing assurance or advisory services that address risks associated with cybersecurity," the AICPA wrote in a statement.

The AICPA's upcoming webcast on cybersecurity, Cybersecurity: A Governance and Audit Committee Perspective, is slated for Feb. 26, 1-2pm ET.

To visit the new AICPA Cybersecurity Resource Center head to the AICPA's site here.