[IMGCAP(1)]Do you remember hearing about that crazy group of CPAs who played trampoline dodgeball at the AICPA’s Tech+ Practitioner’s Symposium two  years ago? And then last year they drove 60-mile-per-hour go-karts as mentioned here?

Well, this year’s crazy is a pool party…yes, a pool party! Complete with floaties and all.

Did you think to yourself, “Hey, I want to hang with them?!” If you did, you must be part of the “new firm” movement—comprised of accounting professionals who are doing business differently, writing their own rules, and meeting the needs of a growing new generation of tech-savvy, real-time information-demanding clients.

So, if you missed dodgeball  and  racecars, no worries, you can attend our #CPAWET event  this year and hear about how we are all “finding our True North!” (Absolutely no chicken dinners will be served, just drinks and fun.)

The past couple of years, our trampoline dodgeball and  Offset 500 events somewhat disrupted the AICPA’s Twitter feed, but made a real statement about the new generation of CPAs. We are loud, proud, motivated, competitive, and will be heard. We are poised and ready to solve the issues facing the “now” generation of clients. We are ready because we are armed with the cloud, social media, and mobile innovations. Gone are the days of the quiet CPA who merely delivers product. We are in there socializing and “mobilizing” with clients on a daily basis to offer the ongoing guidance and support required for our client’s business success. We are still relatively small in numbers, but growing progressively.

So, be sure to join us at this year’s AICPA Tech+ show in June. We are hosting our   #CPAWET event – An EXTREME Las Vegas-style pool party on-site at the Aria’s Liquid Lounage.  You will have the chance to challenge your CPA peers in some undisclosed pool games —but trust that we are all fun and come with your best party personality.  Oh, and as part of the AICPA Steering Committee, I can tell you that we’ve splashed  up CPE this year. You can win on so many levels. I hope to see you all in Vegas!