AICPA's Future of Learning Task Force - a working group of firm leaders, industry CPAs, regulators, and educators - has announced four recommendations to promote lifelong learning in the CPA profession.

The four points are as follows:

  • Innovate and experiment
  • Ignite a passion for learning
  • Make learning personal
  • Measure what matters

The Task Force mainly stressed continued adaptation and evolution in an increasingly complex world, especially as technology continues to rapidly evolve and alter how business can and should be done.
"The learning revolution is on — and the CPA profession must join in to protect the public interest and to remain relevant to stakeholders," the Task Force site decrees.

In order for CPA's to stay ahead of the curve, the Task Force suggests, it's imperative to not treat learning as a black-and-white entity, and to "stop thinking only about what the learner needs to know and start focusing on what the learner needs to do."

 For more information on the four points and the AICPA Future of Learning Task Force, head to their website here.