As if this tax season had not been full of enough unpleasant surprises, an Illinois CPA firm received a pair of unexpected visitors last week: two deer who came jumping through the window.

The Greenville, Ill., office of West & Company received the unannounced visit last Tuesday when the deer came crashing through the window of Janice Romack, CPA, the partner in charge of the Greenville office, around 9:30 that morning.  Administrative assistant Jenara J. Willman, who sits across the hall from her, was able to snap a few photos of the damage, but the deer had already run away by that time, leaving behind some fur and broken glass.

Luckily there were no serious injuries, to humans at least, aside from some scratches and a bruise on Romack from one of the deer’s hooves.

Romack sent around Willman’s photos to some friends and colleagues. The pictures also reached us here at Accounting Today, thanks to E. Lynn Freese, CPA, partner in charge of West’s office in Sullivan, Ill., who is also the firm’s employee benefits services partner.

“Attached are pictures of 2 deer that came thru my office window yesterday morning about 9:30,” Romack wrote. “One landed in my lap! Thank God no one was in my office with the door closed. One went into the file room and down the hall then out the back door. The other turned around and went back out the window. I have a few scratches and a nice colorful bruise of a hoof print on my thigh. So far for us, this is the top story for 2012 tax season!”