German mobile app developer Hans Peter Ruehl has created Study Accounting, an app for the iPhone and iPad that aims to teach the basics of accounting to non-accountants.

[IMGCAP(1)]He visited New York and I met with him to talk about the app, which he debuted about two years ago (see iPhone App Teaches Double-Entry Bookeeping). The app has been popular in Europe, but so far hasn’t gained a lot of traction in the U.S. But Ruehl sees a need for more business people to understand the basics of accounting so they can better run their businesses, with the help of their accountants.

He is looking for business people and students to test out the program and is offering free promo codes to a limited number of users in the United States to try it out and provide him with feedback on ways to improve it for a U.S. audience. To contact him, send an email to

For more information on the app, visit