Have you realized that the world around you has changed?

Do you feel like the new ways customers want to do business with you are radically different than in the past?  

Do you feel like the transparency and open communication brought on by the tools of cloud, social business, pricing, and experience have engaged you to run your practice in a drastically different but better way?

Yes?  Then you, my friend, are a radical CPA!

I can see the future

The next generation of business owners expect this type of interaction, period!  For all of the firm owners who think, “It’s not going to affect me; I have an established client base,” that's not true anymore. The successor business owner is saying, “I want my CPA or my accountant to be cutting edge, or at least up-to-date. I want them to be using technology to help me.” I mean, who wants to see a doctor who doesn’t have the latest technology? Technology as a response to serving customers has fiercely increased the competition.

Our movement is about breaking ground. This is about rebuilding a firm from the foundation up. It may just be one or two steps this year, but it’s a beginning. You have to get started; there's no easy way to do this. I wish I could just give you a road map, but unfortunately, there really isn’t one. And I certainly don’t have all the answers, I’m still learning as I forge my way.

Do you need help?  Check out my eventwhere the Radicals will come together and learn.

Think about taking a critical look at your firm; assess where it’s been and where you want it to go.

Once you know that, just start moving in that direction. You will have to start to move process-by-process and step-by-step.

The question remains: Are you a radical CPA? Tell me your story.

[For Jody's video introduction to the Radical CPA event, click here.]