"Master's degree" might not always be synonymous with "cheap," but there's good news for students who wish to enter a graduate accountancy program and not break the bank. Educational website Masters in Accounting Degrees has ranked their top 30 graduate programs for accounting, all under $22,000 per year.

The website ranked their top 5 value graduate programs at the following schools:

1. University of Texas - Dallas

2. University of Central Arkansas

3. Indiana University - Bloomington

4. College of William and Mary

5. University of Illinois - Chicago

The least costly program, found at the University of Texas - Dallas, costs just over $8,000 per year, while the most expensive, Temple University's, costs $20,670.

"In our view, these are, quantitatively, the best programs of their kind that you can attend for less than $22,000 per year," stated Masters in Accounting Degrees editor Deena Berezin. "In the world of accounting degrees, they represent tremendous value."

The editors considered student-to-faculty ratios, high average GPAs for undergrads and high numbers of students working in accounting jobs by graduation in the construction of their list.

For the full list, head to the Masters in Accounting Degrees website.