Becker Professional Education announced on Monday the launch of a new document review simulation (DRS) as part of its CPA Exam Review. The task-based simulation, created by the AICPA, will notably begin appearing on select CPA Exams this year.

DRS looks to bring more authenticity to the Exam by providing real-world scenarios new CPAs are likely to handle on the job. Each DRS presents documents such as memos and bank statements that would require professional review.

DRS will debut in July 2016 on the Financial, Audit and Regulation sections of some CPA Exams. As a response, Becker has updated its CPA Exam Review program to reflect the new format.

Becker will also be hosting webinar onWednesday, May 11, 2016, from 4:00-5:00 p.m. CTto provide give an overview of the new DRS section. The webinar will be led by Michael Brown, Becker’s national manager of faculty and distance learning, and will cover how the new simulations work and strategies for handling them on the exam.

"We are constantly updating our CPA Exam Review course to be reflective of changes in the CPA Exam,” stated Angie Brown, director of accounting curriculum at Becker Professional Education.  “We want to be sure our students are confident and prepared on exam day by updating our course materials and providing additional educational opportunities like our upcoming webinar to help everyone gain a full understanding of CPA Exam changes as they happen.”

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