Young and young-minded CPAs now have a newnetwork to join, as Jason Blumer, owner of Blumer & Associates inGreenville, S.C. has launched THRIVEal + CPA Network in an effort to help thoseready to move into the world of firm ownership.

The network, launched this month, is gearedtoward the Gen X and Y demographic, but is open to members of all ages who "understandand actively leverage the New Marketing, New Management, New Processes and NewTechnology of today's New Firm."

THRIVEal +CPA Network represents a globalforum for professionals interested in the four fundamental tenets of today'sNew Firms—Community, Collaboration, Technology, and Innovation. Sporting thetag line, "Cloud People," network members focus heavily on the valueof Cloud technology in streamlining workflow and implementing paperless, highlyefficient processes firm wide.

The network comes from seeing how theaccounting profession has changed due to extreme technological enhancements andnew workflow strategies – creating a gap between older and youngerprofessionals.

According to Blumer, this has made itdifficult for the younger sect to experience a feeling of community,collaborate with other like-minded CPAs and engage in new innovations and cloudtechnologies.

"I have a vision for our industry—adirect result of working for too many years in a traditional firm," Blumersaid in a statement. "During my transactionalfirm days, I saw the need to serve the new generation of clientsdifferently...with technology and innovations that had not yet been fullydeveloped. There was a gap and I wanted to fill it. Years later, I'vetransformed my father's practice into a New Firm, leveraging technology andinnovative practices. As a result, I've experienced a 400 percent growth rate."

THRIVEal +CPA Network officially launchedin November 2010. There is no initial cost to join. Form more information onTHRIVEal and future events, visit