[IMGCAP(1)] Breaks optimize the learning environment for the brain. At first this practice made famous by brain biologist John Medina may seem counterproductive, but when applying foundational principles relevant to brain function, it reveals it is an absolute requirement to periodically rest, relax, and recover from work.


But what else can accountants do to maintain their mental prowess through 30, 50, or even 80 busy seasons?

Falling into routines and states of comfort is an easy thing to do. It’s safe to assume that your Monday through Friday routine is pretty much exactly the same, day-in day-out.


In fact, your life is pretty much on auto pilot from the moment you wake up until you arrive at work. Unfortunately for some, it stays on auto pilot even throughout the workday and into the evening.


The human brain loves variety and new learning experiences. It’s the new and challenging experiences that keep your brain wiring firing and creating neural connections that enhance learning, memory, and critical thinking skills.


Regardless of how seemingly insignificant a new experience may seem, it nonetheless challenges the human brain and enhances its capabilities. Here are some easy routine breakers that are just challenging enough to keep your brain entertained throughout your typically monotonous days:

1.    Brush your teeth with your eyes closed
2.    Shop at a new grocery store
3.    Drive to work utilizing a different route
4.    Begin learning a new language, skill, or hobby
5.    Eat meals with your opposite hand

Luke Sniewski currently works as a CPA as well as a Fitness Consultant. He works by weaving the health and wellness world with the business professional world. Working with companies and business professionals, his organization, LEAF, teaches the PAIN CPE course series that aims to improve the overall quality of life through the implementation of proactive lifestyles. Visit www.leaflifestyle.com for more details.