In arecent op-edpublished in Massachusetts-centeredCommonWealth Magazine, Amy Pitter, president and CEO of the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants, urged that accounting become as considered as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) occupations for students in the state, and "as Massachusetts grows, so does its accounting sector."

Pitter says that as Massachusetts sees many math-centric grads come and go through the Commonwealth to find jobs in the "innovation economy," so too should accounting be considered with STEM occupations, as the profession "holds the potential to be a bridge to have [students] play a role in the innovation that’s driving Massachusetts’ growth." 

"Despite the strong demand, and its clear math orientation, accounting has not yet found a place in the roster of STEM occupations considered by students," Pitter writes. "That’s an avoidable loss for many young students who struggle imagining themselves in a research lab or calculating the algorithms in a computer science class, but love numbers all the same."

"We are going to need many new accountants over the next 10 years, an occupation that not only pays well, but also often leads to additional opportunities and greater earning potential," she added. "As Massachusetts business and government leaders look to connect students with the many possibilities in STEM careers, accounting should be part of the mix."

In addition to helping the Massachusetts economy grow, Pitter also hopes that increased attention towards the profession in schools would provide a "great opportunity to open more doors for students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds," which in turn would help bring more diversity to math-centered fields. More focus on accounting in schools would also look to narrow income disparity, as "[Mass.] 4th and 8th grade student test scores, including math, are the highest in the nation, the income gap in Massachusetts is the widest in the country," she notes.

For Pitter's full op-ed, head to CommonWealth Magazine'ssite here.